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Saturday, February 26, 2005


new layout..tapi x besh sangat..

akan ditukar lagi skin..hehe..harap mahap

Sunday, February 06, 2005

mmu..time went..:)

the time in mmu went by like a breeze..
been in mmu around 4 yrs now and will miss every secs of it..

several months after spm i first registered in mmu malacca campus, staying at emerald park [kitorang yang rasmikan tau hiks ] that time my housemates were zilla, anis, julie, sarah, kat, kinah and lin. best sangat time tu, klas pu sronok mase alpha..with anin, anis, zuraidah, joanne,hairie,sapik, amar,salwa,nazreen,cindy,uncle..ala banyaknye name nak sebut..tapi rindu sangat mase alpha dulu..
the first sad thing happen was the accident which took away our kenny, but put a very high motivation in each of us to achieve what he has been trying to reach:a first honour degree..
we went and see darrel which was on the motorbike with kenny and which suffered injuries ..then all of us went to penang to see kenny's fam..

as for beta most of us migrated to cyberjaya [which somehow i regretted a bitt] i started of as an accounting student for a week but changed to media innovation after realising i cant cope with the subjects..

at beta had salwa n sarr as roomates, hang out with fidot,iza,din and * ....
for gamma had wawa as my roomate and was very happy..we really had fun together kan wa? mase tula dapat kenal amy,fifa,wan,lala sume2 tu kawan ngan dewang ni..pastu agak rapat gak ngan fy sbb klas same n assignments selalu we did together..and later we formed the gediks group [which i dunno whether i am still counted as one or not] heh..gediks fun fun je.. ;)

as for my final yr kat mmu..i was very lucky to get azrah as my roomate when some of my beloved friends turned their backs at me..i dont know whut happen but i dont wanna suspect anything except for my wrong doings that forced them to do just that..tried to apologize, find out what went wrong but somehow could not get any answer..thanx azrah and also aisyah for being always with me..dah la final yr..pale otak cram gile..sebbaik la pas jugak exam haritu :). alamak lupe..thanx jugak untuk yeh heheh..cayang die..

skang ni practical kat puchong with 7 other friends; amy,ju,aireen,syam,nicholas dillon,joanne and jugak la :D

credit tO:

alpha 2001 grp 60&61 [lia..bile nak jumpe ko lg ek?]
salwa, sarr, faire, yana, dila, kroh, aini
fyfy, anis, pechal, wawa, din, amy, fifa, iza, wan, zaty, fidot
lala, hairie [sori ek]
miza, pooh, yus,
shy, mun, tim, pa'ah, angah,x smkaksians
srcians 03/04
amy, ju, aireen, syam

dearest yehmaster

for always keeping me from going insane ;)