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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nak Jual..Preloved Playground

Selling this whole set! Trust is worth it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Adventure bersama Adam!

Kan aku naik public transport je gi kije skang nih..dari putrajaya naik erl, stop kat salak tinggi terus lompat atas bas pulak..

Semalam encik yeh balik dari Tgganu mendarat kat KLIA, die ajak gi jemput. Memule pk kene bwk kete sbb takut brg banyak..pastu pk lg, mestila brg2 yg byk tu dah tggl kat Tganu kan? so ape lagi..siap2kan Adam dan kidnap bibik ajak naik ERL gi amik Abi si Adam!!

Inilah gambar2nye ye puan2 dan tuan2:

Jakun sat

Takmau duduk

berdiri baru hepi :P

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy birthday my darling Adam!

Today, a year 2pm I was induced for the sole purpose of making way for the little baby boy. The experience? owch..but wonderful..

Yes there were contractions..slow at first but became more intense later.
The doc advised for epidural..I took it at about 4pm. Epidural? A long and big needle poked into your back :P

At 5:30pm I was already smiling..but Adam's heartbeat was getting slower by the second..
The doc advised to push near to 6pm..2 times, didnt work..doc threatens to caesar. 6.08pm lo and behold!! Adam has arrived!

Well..the story of his birth is obviously much more comprehensive..but I choose to just tell the important ones :)

To Adam..Ummi doesnt know any other way to say it..Ummi just love you with all my heart..
Ummi always pray for you..and thankful that you are here and loved very much by all people around..

Please be thankful..we may not be rich but we have enough..hey..u get to breastfeed up to now!! :D When you grow up..don't forget to pray for everyone as everyone will always pray for you..jangan tinggal solat, solat tu tiang agama ;)

Ok, dah tanak membebel..just want to tell what we did for the celebrations..
Last Sunday night the whole fam plus Hawa's li'l fam went makan2 at san fransisco pizza at bangi. Food was nice and we top it up with a new york cheese cake by secret recipe that adam seems to love so much :D

Adam get presents, Alhamdulillah. Tok bi gave a bike, Tok mi gave a mini car, umi and abi gave a swimming pool plus car plus sampan hehe, paksu gave a car (collecters item mercedes), pakchom gave 2 fisher price toys and ateh hawa gave a pair of shirt and shorts :D
Thank you everyone!!

And last nite we bought satay, donuts, crisp and bottles drinks. Did a mini party to celebrate the li'l guy :D

Pictures? later lah kat rumah, lupa bawak hehe
Yey Adam..Happy 1st Birthday :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Naik Han2

Ha kan aku cerite pasal swimming pool aku beli kat Adam tu kan..
Bile balik rumah try pam tokleh plak..pool tu collapse balik. Belek punya belek nampak la berlobang2 pool tuh..

Sebbaik simpan resit, semalam kitorang pun pegi la balik kedai Manjaku yang kat Bangi tu.
Gi kat counter tunjuk resit and cerite sket2, die pun terus suruh ambik yg baru dan test dulu.
Aku pun dengan senang hati dan riang gembira pegi la ambik pool yg baru (tinggal 1 je!!) pastu suruh la mamat kat situ tlg test kan..
Ini dialog nye:

Aku: Tlg test boleh?
Mamat: Tak payah, balik pam..kalau bocor dtg balik tukar
Aku: Ini nak tukar la ni, yang saye beli harituh nak test la
Mamat: Tak payah..kalau saya pam macam mana nak angkut??
Aku: (Ini part yang aku naik hantu) pam je la!! nanti kalau ok, keluarkan la angin dia!! U pakai pam letrik, bukan susah pun!
Mamat: Saya cakap sikit saja..u cakap banyak..
Aku: (lagi la aku hangin) mestila saya kena ckp banyak..saya bayar. Sape u punya manager?
Mamat: Ada bawah, baju hijau.
Aku: U nama sape?
Mamat: Lee
Aku: Ok, nanti saya jumpa dia.

terus mamat tu mengerjakan swimming pool seperti yg diminta :P.
ok, bile kite marah org..kite pun mestila rase guilty dan geram at the same time kan?
so aku pun gi dok jauh2, suh laki aku je tengokkan..
tetibe nampak manager dia..saja je aku bejalan ke arah mngr sambil pandang mamat tuh..ha gelabah kau!! hahaha

aku xtahan nak gelak, terus ambik adam blah gi bahagian lain.
Dah settle psl pool kitorang pun masuk kereta..rupenye yeh kate, mamat tu x berenti mintak mahap kat yeh..hahahaha padan muke :P

Tapi takpela..aku x boikot pun kedai tuh..huhu

Monday, April 12, 2010

Isnin Biru

Oh kenape aku dah experience isnin biru ni? Padehal baru je lebih kurang sebulan aku kije sini..
Tadi dlm bas mule la ..teringat adam lah ape lah..hehe ke penangan jadi ummi?? mungkin gak lah :P

Hopefully hari ini dari kul 9-6 will go smoothly :)

Semalam gi makan2 sempena birthday Adam at San Fransisco Pizza Bangi..Adam dapat beskal, kereta, dan menan. Alhamdulillah, rezeki dia ..
Pastu pulak semalam, Toys R Us yang kat Subang Parade tu buat clearance. Sbb nye smlm last day diorang operate kat Subang Parade..lepas ni kat bangunan mane tah..
So rezeki Adam..dapat la ummi ngan abi dia beli menan jugak kat dia hehe

Pagi tadi Adam tido nyenyak sgt, rase kesian nak kejut die bangun untuk hantar dia turun bawah so bibik bleh tengokkan..tapi sampai je kat bawah dia terus bangun, senyum and insist nak makan pisang ..haha lega

Hmm..baru terbace blog cikpid yang beberapa org rakan bloggers dah terpaksa privatekan blog..haih..tu la..sebbaik aku x kena camtu walaupun dah bertahun2 tulis blog..
Mungkin blog ni takde readers, kehilangan readers akibat terlalu bosan sampai berdarah hidung..ataupun aku adalah blogger yang x disukai..haha apekah?

Tapi itu la..aku pun x paham..aku pun bloghop gak..tapi perlu ke tinggalkan komen yang menggangu ataupun buat sesuatu yang menghuru harakan kehidupan blogger tersebut??

haha ayat..tapi itulah..
renung2 kan dan selamat beramal :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The little munchkin

  • Adam can now crawl and stand by himself.
  • He loves watching football..its one of those things which will make him focus to the tv :P
  • Other than football he loves spongebob, wonderpets and those adverts with songs or kids..speshly cornetto icecream advert, ntv 7, tv3 and american idol
  • He can walk but prefers to take it slow, but getting one point to another..he runs :D
  • He takes anmum..but still prefers mommy's
  • His first flight was to Redang..but I guess many more to come insyallah
  • He loves to look at paintings and flowers
  • He points to things and pronounce something like 'tu??' or 'there'
  • He can say car!
  • He shouts a lot..speshly when ecxited.
  • Oh..and he even uses both his hands to slap his head when over excited or when not getting what he wants ( this, i worry)
  • He does things and laughs until we laughed as well
  • When seeing other kids, he gets excited..he wants to get down and run around as well!
  • Nasi? he loves them..can eat 4 portions in one day
  • Heinz corn biscuits is his fav
  • He loves to play with Ummi's toothbrush when bathing
  • A copycat..Abi tries to comb his messy hair, he grabs the comb and start combing himself :p
  • Loves to chase the cat..pull the tail or grab the fur..i pity the cat
  • His walker is not his very bestfriend anymore now that he can push it away
  • His part of the wardrobe is packed..rupenye he has a lot of baju..most dah tak fit..well, mostly seluar dah pendek..which explains that he grows up, not wide
  • He is now asleep..and I finally can update hehe
  • Oh..its hard for us to get him to sleep daytime nowadays..he just wants to play

The little munchkin is so cute..a few years back I didnt even dare dream that I could have a child :) But Alhamdulillah..I know that I'm blessed, the fact that Adam is with us now..and loving lots and lots of attention!

He will be 1 this Wednesday..I guess we wont be having any birthday parties.The whole family will just go for a nice dinner, and give Adam presents :)

We bought a swimming pool with a mushroom top for him for his 1st birthday, hope he likes it!! :D

It looks like this:

Nice huh? hehe..cant wait to get him in there..

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Lately there are too much news of babies being abandoned..being bitten by dogs..killed..

I dont know..all this is making me sick. Well..I know there are all sorts of reasons..and one of them is that the so called daddies left the poor mommies alone..and the mommies are scared..and felt there are so much more things they have not seen and done..(stupid reasons, really)

I hope not to be tangled in this situation when we've grown old. I want to stroll down the park together..old and wrinkled..but smiling and holding hands :).

But mommies..please..whatever happens,dont abandon your children. Please dont be selfish..the little ones are yours...they are Allah's blessing. While other's hoped for at least one but got non, you are blessed! They are not at fault if things came between the matter how you try to defer..u can't..

Yes, he had cheated.Yes, you were cheated.
Yes, you sacrificed..but pls remember, its not for nothing.You are a mom.
You have your children. Let him be shallow if he wants you..but treat your children as they are a part of yourself.Please, this i beg you.Please..Please..Please..

Even worse if you've adopt a child that is not motherless..Think of the little one u took..u even told his mom not to ever see him..heck, u even told him not to go see his mom..Most've promised that you'll never leave.

Dont let him fall by himself..

I'm sorry..had to let it out..i can't take it anymore.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Susu Adam

Ni adalah senarai susu yg pernah aku try bagi adam minum..semua dia x suka. Dia ok dengan Dumex and Mamex tp time tu doktor suh tukar dutch lady psl berat dia 3 bulan x naik.
Memule dokte suh tru similac tp dia muntah haha..

Langkah 1 ni try masa die belum 6 bulan..gaknye x sesuai kot..sbb lps tu terus adam muntah dgn banyak..
Lactogen memula ok..tapi after a while adam start x poo poo..

Bukan yg ni la..yg gamba kasut baby tu..adam suka jugak :) Poo poo sume very good..cuma berat x naik..

Very good..tapi effect dia exactly mcm baik la beli dumex kan :P

Adam x suka..dia buat2 muntah :p

Ni tak ok 4 adam..poo poo keras and seminggu 2-3 kali je at most

Ni pun adam reject..

Ni susu first adam try..sbb azzahrah bg susu ummi lagi sedap kot haha

So finally??? Alhamdulillah, atas nasihat pn pipah adam dah jumpe susu yg dia suke..iaituu..jengjengjeng!! Anmum Essential!!! Tapi tatau pasal..kat putrajaya ni selalu abis stock..haihh

Tq Pn Pipah!!