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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jangan Malu, Jangan Segan


Haa..mari2.. jangan malu, jangan segan..
jemputla masuk ke !!
Gambar2 stok tudung yg dah sampai is updated =D

Pls help spread the words yeahh!! Thaaankss!!

Click on this pic for more pictures =D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yey! Dah servis :D

We were supposed to bring my beloved kelisa to perodua for servicing last week.
But as I and hubby both were down with flu, we only managed to bring 'her' for servicing today =).
She is as good as new now, and safer for us to drive her back to Perlis later insyallah.

About my pregnancy, we still have not decided wether we shd only continue our monthly check-up at Klinik Kesihatan Putrajaya all the way till the 9th month..or to also visit gynae at private hospitals.
The nearest private will be Azzahra, Annur..and Lita Alis clinic.
How eh?? How much is the cost for each visits at private? Hehe..5months already but sorry, all my 4months check-up was in Egypt. And now my knowledge is zero of the pregnancy check-ups in Malaysia. Oh well, maybe not zero..maybe only 10-20% ? Help needed by the experienced please =D

Oh and please don't forget to visit
from tonight onwards! The stock has arrived, we're taking pictures of them and updating them bit by bit in the blog.

Thank you all! =D

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tudung Ekin @ Ikin


I'll be selling cheap but good quality Tudung Ikin in THIS BLOG sometime next week Insyallah.
I've done my survey and found the ones I like.
Its light but not transparent, not to be big nor to small.
Most important, the head part (awning) is not spongy. Its very2 light and can be shaped to perfection.

The tudung is also very trendy and superbly easy to wear!!

Sneak peek =]

Front View
Side view
Back view


Wedding Anniversary

Happy 1st year wedding anniversary to us ..


Mama bought a cake and surprised us with it at lunch today. We actually forgot our own anniversary ..heh :P

Thank you!

** Flu Flu go away..come again another day pleasee!!**

Saturday, December 13, 2008

i'm going through this:

  • I'm already 5 months, alhamdulillah. But my belly is hardly showing infront, I look like I'm gaining plenty around the hips and 'back' area..hubby says the correct term wld be 'gedempol'. Cis!
  • I still cannot eat rice. I can eat everything else except rice.
  • I cannot eat spicy, but I love food with 'sweet & sour' flavour.
  • I'm getting leg cramps at night, coz the doctor refuse to let me have the calcium tablets. I hate milk, I can only take strawberry milk. But I love strawberry milk..I take them 2-3 glasses a day as per advised, and I still get those cramps.
  • I think I shd re-request for the calcium tablets.
  • I get constant pain in my belly..I dunno if its due to the baby moving, gas pain or sumthing else? I do hope its the baby making its finger prints though :)
  • But..good thing is..above all this, I'm happy. I don't really mind the long as the baby is healthy. Last 2 weeks I heard the 'dupdapdupdap' of it's heartbeat. Its 149! The sound of it was..tremendously exciting!! The baby is growing well and accordingly..and that's all that matters anyway. That's all that matters.
  • Me and hubby is searching high and low for jobs, mostly around putrajaya/cyberjaya. Hopefully we'll get some good news next week. Amin! :)
  • I dont really feel like working yet..hubby pun cakap 'takyah laa kije duluu'. Tapi I guess..I have to look for a job sooner or later anyway..hmm, I still haven't made up my mind on this. Help!
  • We havent gone back to Perlis yet. Hubby wants to wait till he gets a job. I'm praying for him..praying for the best..Amin.
  • I'm finding some time to hang out with my 4 bestfriends (including hubby). Hopefully we can all meet up again before Tim goes 'Sabah' again.
  • Is it a boy?? or a girl?? hehe..I dunno when we'd know :P
Camne nak book utk deliver kat hospital putrajaya ek? I'm clueless...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We're back

28/11 @ 11 pm- Friends sent us both of to the airport

29/11 @ 0430 am- Byebye Egypt

29/11 @ 10.40 pm- Landed at KLIA

30/11 @ 0100 am- Eat Satay Kajang with both our family

30/11 @ 0300 am- sleep

30/11 @ 0830 am- Bfast Nasi Kerabu

**etc etc**

So..yupp I'm back :D

Tapi badan still rasa letih2, and asyik nak tidur aje.

Nak call org pun rase malas..tapi nak call.

Stakat ni baru jumpe Hawa sebab die dtg rumah smlm.
And baru call Shy ngan Mun..Tim blom lagi..esok kot insyallah.

Aku dah kena stop eating too much, ayah aku dah warn takut susah nak give birth kalau gemok sangat.

Aku still xleh makan nasi.

Aku rase nak gi try check up kat Putrajaya Hospital..tapi tatau cemane.

Sape penah buat maternity check-up kat situ tlg ek btau aku..thank u!!

Skang ni tengah teman abang buat resume, esok dah nak try apply kerja or ape2 yg patut.

Tadi satu hari kitorang tido, sebab letih naik flight 11jam.

Letih tapi lom ngantok.

Camne la budak kecik dlm perot aku ni ek?
Doa2 kan die sehat ye kawan. Dak kecik..umi and abi luves u! muax! :D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

" A Letter from Nadiah YTS "

Oleh kerana Nadiah tak dapat meng-ekses internet dari Rumah Perlis, maka dia mewakilkan saya sebagai suaminya utk meng-updated kan blognye. Katenye (Puan Nadiah) :
  1. Assalamualaikum!
  2. Sori tak dapat updated blog! cuti-cuti baby kejab!
  3. Kami akan pulang ke tanah air pada 29hb November 2008. Nanti kite jumpe kat sana!
  4. Baby kami dah 15 weeks and sangat sihat alhamdulillah. Hari tu kiteorg scan, nampak dia siap mengeliat lagi!
Itu aje pesanan dari-nye Puan Nadiah. Dia dah tak sabar nak makan seafood kat Malaysia.
Jumpa di Malaysia!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Li'l update

Week 12: Your uterus? Yeah, it's a softball now

Fetal development in pregnancy week 12:fetus in third month Even though your little Einstein’s body is still growing quite rapidly 2 inches long right now, the overall super-speedy growth of their amazing brain continues to leave the head proportionately larger than the body— and is actually slightly more than one third of their total body mass! The head and neck are still straightening at this point as can be seen by their little chin lifting off of the chest. Your baby is also actively rehearsing “breathing” by using amniotic fluid to prepare the lungs for future air respiration.

The big news: your little pooper is now officially going to need diapers! Although a majority of the waste produced is transferred to the mother’s system for discharge (to avoid having it linger in the amniotic sac), some urine is released to the amniotic fluid and your baby will actually breathe it in before it passing it on to your for discharge. Not to worry, urine--in this particular form, is completely harmless to your baby.

And how's mom doing? Logically, as your baby is growing bigger, so must your uterus. By now, your once-flat and relatively small uterus is stretched to the size of a softball (12-14 cm), but that’s nothing: by the time you deliver it will have grown to 15 – 17 inches (37 – 42 cm). Your uterus is slowly increasing at a Your uterus is slowly increasing at a rate of approximately one centimeter per week rate of approximately one centimeter per week. If you've got a burning sensation that extends from your breastbone to your throat, you've got heart burn or acid indigestion. To lessen this unpleasant experience: eat smaller meals and avoid fried, spicy, and fatty foods. Otherwise, there's always TUMS, but check with your healthcare provider first

As your pregnancy becomes more physically visible, you’ll have to adjust to people asking you when you’re due and giving lots of unsolicited advice from women who’ve “been there.” Additionally, this is probably the right time to share your pregnancy news (if you haven’t already) with close family and friends and anyone you want to have involved in your pregnancy. Allowing your friends and family to have role in your pregnancy encourages participation and support for the future—when you’re really going to need it!


Alhamdulillah, the latest scan shows the baby is actively moving :). I'm praying for everything to be ok Insyallah.

Sorry, still not able to upload pictures..will do so asap.

We're going back to Cairo again today for Abg to settle his things there..and might stay there for quite a while. I'll try to go online whenever I can okehs!

:) daaa~

Monday, October 27, 2008

Convo :)

Soriii haritu lupe nak btau yg kitorang nak gi Convo PMRAM kat Kaherah.
Alhamdulillah..seronok la Abang dapat naik 2 convo dalam 1 tahun :P.
Haritu dah naik Convo Safarah, lps tu naik Convo Pmram plak..wah wah..takkesah la sape yg anjurkan asalkan yg penting kite najjah kan? Alhamdulillah, syukur.

Gambar x dpt nak upload..ala biaselah internet ni kan..nanti bile dah bleh upload kitorang uploadkan ek.

5 orang dari Rumah Perlis berjaya convo tahun ni. Sakan la kitorang bargambar dengan Kak Annie, Nadia, Milah ngan Hadi plus dengan VIP & pengiring Kak Ju, Rafis, Mat Rodhi dan lain2. Syok la..lepas ni masing2 balik Mesia dah..sape je la yg tinggal kat Rumah Perlis tu..huhu syahdu2.
Kepada yang belum dapat balik lagi, takpe..jangan kecewa. Semua ni dugaan dari Allah.
Mungkin ade hikmah? ;) Study rajin2, doa banyak2..Insyallah berjaya!

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

p/s tq Han Ri

Malam selepas Convo tuh ade Konsert Nasyid. Incik Nazrey Johaney pun ade..mantap suara die.

Honestly aku dah lame tinggal nasyid. Last mase kat sekolah la dulu kat skolah asek dengar nasyid, nyanyi nasyid sampai dah jadi hantu nasyid :P. Tapi dulu lain, nasyid2 best, lirik pun senang ingat. Speshly time Raihan kan?
Then lepas Raihan, kumpulan nasyid yg lain banyak la muncul..tumbuh cam cendawan gitu. Bagus la, cume yg slacknye tuh banyak yang tak sampai maksud. Ade yg terlampau jiwang, ade yang lirik dan lagu telampau payah nak ngikut. Lame2 aku pun pelan2 beralih selera kpd lagu2 lain hehe :P

Berbalik kpd cerite mase konsert nasyid tu..
Ade 2 kumpulan student Mesir Malaysia, 1 kumpulan student Mesir Indonesia yang diberi nama Da'i Nada (sangat TOP hokehh) dan performance dr Nazrey Johaney (siap ade muhasabah diri..meleleh2 air mate memasing).

Yang 2 kumpulan awal tu..rating die aku bagi 1.5 bintang je lah. Tak minat sangat nasyid2 yang aku susah nak paham lirik ni. Aku tgk keliling aku pun sume pakat boring :P sori yek kalau ade yg terbace dan terkecik aku punye pendapat je okeh.

Da'i Nada..sangat hebat. Tengok kat Youtube pon bleh tapi tengok live lagi feel.
Sebelum ni ramai dah cerite betape best nye diorang ni..tapi aku mcm buat dekk je aa. Tapi bile dah dengar..kagum abis.
Bebudak ni bawak lagu nasyid rentak Acapella. Tak payah la alat2 musik ni..gabungan suara diorang 5 org pun dah cukup mantap.
Diorang ni jugak dah masuk MTV Mesir, dan org Mesir sendiri kata diorang punye pencapaian dalam masa setahun ni sama dengan artist Mesir punya pencapaian selama 5 tahun.
Nazrey sendiri pun kate, setakat yang die pernah tengok..Da'i Nada ni lah kumpulan Acapella yang paling best sekali. ke tak best ke korang cube la tgk diorang buat live performance..nilai la sendirik

Nazrey plak mcm biase..mmg suara die best la kan. Aku x ingat sgt lagu ape die die bawak tapi die byk bawak lagu lama2 yg org ramai bleh ikut. Yang Abg paling suke lagu 'Suci Sekeping Hati'.
Best gak la overall malam tu..lagi2 dapat 2 org MC yang gile dan sangat the entertaining.
Jamal dengan Mat Lan, digabungkan jadi JaLan (ni diorang sendirik yg bagi nama :P)

Syabass Inspektor Sahabb!!

Tapi aku x bejaye duduk sampai abis sebab teramat2 perlu untuk ke toilet.
Cepat2 keluar dengan Abg n Kak Annie pasal dah x tahan sgt hehehe..seriuss!!

Hmm..banyak lagi kot nak cerita tapi rase mcm nak tido dah.
Nanti kite sambung okehh!!
Will upload the pictures in the next entry Insyallah ;).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A day in Mansurah

Day & Date: Friday, 17th October 2008
Location: Mansurah, Egypt

Time we left Tanta: 1030hrs
Time reached Mansurah: 1200hrs
Time we left Mansurah: 1730hrs
Time reached home in Tanta: 2000hrs

Purpose: Meet up with moi Cousin, Hanan Amirah (Hawa's li'l sis)
Agenda: First we went to HSBC to wihtdraw the money that Maklong has put in for Hanan. Then we brought Hanan makan2 at Mo'men (read:mukmin), an Egyptian restaurant. Best!
I ate my Green Salad, Abang and Hanan got their Buritos while Firdaus (abang's friend) ate his large Chicken Magnum!

Me and Hanan outside the restaurant..the taxi was waiting while we took our pictures :P

Then we were introduced to this drink that Hanan was enjoying. It is called: Asir Boreo!
Asir Boreo is Oreo blended with choc and vanilla ice cream, topped with Oreo and some more ice cream. The best part is, its only 3 Egyptian Pounds..which after converting to RM will only be RM2!
Plus , it's delicious!!

Then we went back to Hanan's place to Solat and freshen up, get our Goodie bag prepared by Mama, Abah, Anisah and Bibik andd head hooome sweet hoome..

This is our Goodie Bag contents :P.
Filled with 2large boxes of Anmum, Asam, beef serunding, dodol, kicap manis cap kipas udang (dah nak setahun tak makan kicap ni) and the rest in the picture.
The only thing not in the picture is the 1/2kilo of cili padi.
The cili padi was wrapped in plastic, which was a big mistake..all of them turn into cili padi blended inside the plastic and the smell was..horrid! :P
SO..there goes my cili padi but nasib baik got Famous Amos "Choc Chip and Pecans" cheering us up hehehe.
And plus, Anmum Chocolate is delicious!! Sile la try okehhhs

All in all, the day spent was fun although tiring.
Hope we can see Hanan again before we balik Malaysia..if only she lives a few minutes from our place :D.

p/s: Hawa, Along or whoever is reading, Hanan kirim salam to all..and don't worry, she is very happy and healthy ;)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

At rained in Tanta :D

It rained since morning.
Looked out the door..the scene was wonderful, the smell of rain was sooo so beautiful.

Went inside, watched some movies while Abang continue his sleep.
Then suddenly the internet disconnected and a few minutes electricity.
So left with no other choice, I climbed on the bed..tried to sleep while listening to the sound of raindrops.

After Isyak, me and hubby set out to meet the lady at the travel agent.
Turns out that people dare not go out that night.
The roads were filled with water..and oh biaselah egypt takde longkang2 ni as it rarely rains, so we saw some people pumping water out of the flooded roads.
The weather was also soo cold suggesting early winter arrival.

So..all the shops closed early, including the travel agent :D.
We decided not to head home yet but instead walked around the town of Tanta, which seems asleep that night. Less people on the streets..less cars..wonderful!

Then due to the cold weather we got hungry and went to eat kushry (macaroni, egyption style) for dinner. Got a seat by the window..oh so romantic.. kui kui

After dinner, as we were just about to set home..we came across the shop selling ice cream!!
So ape lagi, grab the ice cream and sat on one of the benches, eating ice cream together like some teenage couple in love..hik hik (gelak gedik)

(There were a few malay guys (ustaz lah) watching us..I wonder if it is one of them who didn't know that we are married and simply said that we sukehati deting 2 orang pegang2 tangan hahah :P)

best tak?
Wuu...bukan selalu tau hujan kat mesir nii...skali ujan rase mcm bestnyee bestnyeee!! :D

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Tahniah Tahniah Tahniah
kepade Encik Mohd Yeh kerana telah berjaya menamatkan pengajian beliau gi University Al-Azhar, Mesir!!

*clap clap clap*

Me so proud of u laling :D

Nantikan kepulangan kami ke tanah air..suatu hari nanti! :D

Kata2 Hikmah pada hari ini:

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

Peringatan utk diri sendiri dan sume sume orang pun juge :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good Feelings

I've just read a post about pregnancy and sleepless nights.
Oh yes..lately it's just so hard for me to fall asleep. And if I didn't get enuff sleep or, if I slept later than I morning sickness will definitely kicks in!

So, in the article it says that while trying to sleep I should only think of beautiful things.

And last night, we went in youtube and listened to Surah Al-Rahman by Shaikh Sudais.
It's a very beautiful recitation..very soothing and very easy to follow, verse by verse.
I was nearly asleep when suddenly, the internet dies. It really did got disconnected by a force of I don't know what.

So then, I was forced to sleep on my own..and I thought..let me think of some beautiful feelings I've felt these few years.
Let me jot some down..these really gets me smiling :)

(not in any particular order)

1. I Graduated in August 2005. I never thought I could do it so marks through out secondary school was so thumbs down. But I guess being in University and away from home gave me some freedom to study. I feel like a grown up with nobody pressuring me study to get good grades hehe, It's just me challenging myself and it's just me being trusted as who I am ;).

2. You know that once in a while some people will just purposely makes you mad? or sometimes they just don't realise that they are so damn annoying?? And you wished that you could just scream your head off to him/her but then realised that you are a lady and it's not appropriate for you to behave in that way to any person??
What will you do? I talk it out..but no, not ever with the person..but with my bestfriends aka mun, tim, shy, hawa, hajar, siti and all them friends.
And instead of being angry, suddenly you thought that the situation is actually kinda funny..and instead you scream your head off, you just laugh, and laugh and laugh like there's no tomorrow :D.
Ok, this may seem like 'mengumpat' to some of you..but believe me..its one of the bestest remedies around (if you have the coolest of friends :P).

3. Being engaged to Yeh.
Even though he was still in Egypt, it was still ok. Buat ape ade teknologi kalau tak gune kan? hehe..and as he wakes up later that evening (morning in egypt), I received 1sms saying 'Assalamualaikum :). Hari ni Yeh bangun, yeh dah jadi tunang nad. Thank u :D'
That sms really2 meant a lot to me.
And for know who you are wahahaha..Tahniahhh!! Congratulations for being engaged! :D

4. Being Married.
The precious feelings of all.
Try getting married, you'll understand. ;)

5. Being called Makngah/Aunty Kaknad
hahah..mak ngah is new to me..but aunty kaknad?? hahaha..I'll remember this nickname till I die :P.
It started when I first met Yeh's mom, and sis (Safiyah) with her li'l daughter Maisarah prior being engaged.
Safiyah introduced me as Aunty, while I kinda freaked and said ' hehe kaknad je lah'. So this li'l maita'ah being li'l maita'ah..she listens to every word adults around her says..and later called me 'Aunty Kak Nad'. And last I heard, she is still calling me this. haha..cute eh? :P
The others (Seif, Sumrah, Syameem and Sabeera), they call me makngah..which I found so sweet..missed them a lot!
(As for Suhail and the other one coming..I have no idea what I'll be called hehe)

6. Being pregnant, and realise 'I cannot fit into my baju kurung anymore!!'.
I'm fat?? no I'm not..I'm pregnant :D hehe good excuse eh?

owh...there's a lot more..

but this has got me smiling really2 wide..
And I just want the smile to stay that way..

I'll write more later, dengan ucapan 'Rain Rain Go away, Come again another Day'.
>>ade kene mengena ke? :P

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I'm feeling very2 tired and rasa nak sleep aje.
I don't know what to blog about either.

(oh..I so need my strength back so I could go jalan2 rather than just staying at home..)

So... I decided to copy paste some info taken from baby-gaga, enjoy k :)

Fetal development in pregnancy week 10:

Your astonishingly tiny baby has been hard at work growing as fast as possible—almost doubling in size in the past three weeks!
Amazingly, you’re in for a repeat size doubling performance within the next three weeks! Your tiny champion still weighs less than a quarter of an ounce but has already completed the most critical stage of their development.
Using Doppler technology, your doctor or gynecologist can let you hear their tiny rapid fetal heartbeats this week (145-165 beats per minute!).
Chances for miscarriage are greatly reduced when the heartbeat can be detected, so take a sigh of relief if you’ve been needing one—it hasn’t been an easy ten weeks! What’s more, they’re getting ready to make their first baby poop! Your little one’s major organ systems are developing, including a functioning digestive tract capable of moving food all the way through their bowels. The final shiny gold star on their fetal behavior chart for the week: your little scrapper has already developed defense mechanisms to protect them on reflex!

Alhamdulillah..another 2weeks to go to end this first trimester :)
Next 2 weeks I'll go for another appointment with Dr Duha, my gynae.
Praying for everything to turn out well, Amin ;).

p/s: dear you, please be an adult by choosing your words carefully next time. I can snap, but I simply choose not to. Pls don't make me? :)Thank u.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Aku, Yeh dan Satay

Satay Ayam :D

42 cucuk of Satay Ayam dan Daging

Satay, Nasi Impit, Timun & Kuah Kacang

I was really2 craving for satay these past months..but wasn't rajin enuff to make them.
And instead of making satay, I've been really2 bugging Yeh..telling him that I wanna balik Malaysia cepat2 and makan satay banyak2 (jahat gile..i know :P), plus having sweetdreams and nightmares of Satay in my sleep :p.

Then last night..we were thinking of what to have for dinner.
Got ayam, got daging, got summore nasi impit, got some timun, got kacang..hmm..
sooo..we straight away marinate the meat and chicken in satay punye rempah, and while waiting for them to be marinated..I straight away buat kuah kacang!

Despite being first timers in the satay arena, everything turns out great!!
We finished everything between the both of us while watching Korean "A Man Who was Superman" (tengok la cerite ni..ngarut gile..tapi ok gak la utk ngisik mase lapang) :D

I seemed to be blogging more about food than anything else eyh these days? don't be surprised to see my weight gain later people!! And if u wanna ask 'nadd..apsal ko makin gemokkk nii??'..I might choose not to answer :P.
Hello..I've been eating well..ape korang kesah?? haha
Lagipun semalam borak dengan Mama (my mom-inlaw), she told me that since I'm pregnant I can eat banyak2..coz lepas pantang boleh diet :D
And Hajar told me that while pantang, she actually loss 7kilos..ok la tuhh

I love food..speshly satay. Me and satay is like yeh and laksa, aur dengan tebing, lagu dan irama and all those kinds of things..
I remember once when I was very2 small, cant recall if it was early primary or still in tadika..but small lah..
My parents took us to a satay restaurant somewhere in Sg Buloh. Dulu, asal nak makan satay je mesti gi situ, coz the satay is really2 sedapppp!!
And if we go there..the whole family will have to sit there for quite a while letting me finish 20-50 cucuk of satay myself :D
So that kinda explains why I've been chubby all my life hahaha

Thank you to the person who first invented the satay recipe whoever and wherever you are awesome!!

p/s: Abang, thank nak balik Malaysia lambat sikit pun takpe hehe :P

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Soto Ayam

Memandangkan yang nasi impit haritu banyak lagi, maka kitorang pun buat keputusan utk wat soto ayam utk tetamu2 yg akan dtg hari ni.
Ok la jugak..cume takde su'un la..bergedil, sambal kicap, telur rebus pun ade..:P Dessert biaselah, caramel dan buah-buahan..malas nak buat jeli sebab tak reti buat yang kale2 tu heheh..ade jugak alasan camtu yek..

Dan harini gak kitorang dapat jemputan open house ke 2 buah rumah. 1 rumah budak medic, 1 lagi pasangan org kawen. Tapi unfortunately kitorang tak dapat gi both pun sebab kalut masak2 untuk kawan2 yg nak datang.


Malam tadi lepas dinner jalan2 dgn abang kat pekan tanta. Dapat tengok suasana Arab beraye.
Bagi Arab, Hari Raya ialah hari utk bersuke rie sungguh2. Diorang akan gi Zoo, Pantai, Shopping Complex, Fun Fair..dan yang kat Tanta ni, kebanyakkan diorang akan bawak 1 family duduk2 di taman sambil makan2 sampaiilaaa ke malam. Kat Tanta ni yang dikatakan taman permainan hanye satu ruang sederhana besar antara 2 buah jalan raya. Kalau kat mesia, kite panggil devider jalan hehe..cume ruang die besar sikit la..boleh taruk buaian, jongkang kongket, boleh jual belon, jual jagung bakar, budak2 pun bleh main kejar2 dengan mak2 diorang kat atas devider tu.
Memang meriah.
Dan kalau hari raya, kebanyakkannye diorang ni memang tak lepak kat rumah. Mak2 seolah2 diberi cuti dari masak dan buat kerja rumah hehe bes kan? :P
Budaya bermaafan dihari raya? Tatau la, tapi bukan cam budaya kite kot..

Memang berbeza dengan cara kita beraya.
Kite selalunye, hari raya lah antara hari2 cuti yang semua family dapat berkumpul sama2. Mintak maaf kat semua org, masak, dan makan ramai2.
Hari Raya seterusnya pulak baru kite akan pegi berkelah ramai2..tu pun dah lepas settle kunjung ke rumah sanak sedara.

Masing2 dengan budaya masing2..

Itulah..betul kata sume orang, bila kite dah kene beraye kat tempat orang ni, time tu lah kite dapat pengalaman baru.
Kalau aku takde la pengalaman beraye kat mesir ni, mungkin aku take for granted je berhari raya kat mesia..mungkin jugak aku takkan pandai buat rendang atau soto..hehehe :P


8th October ni cousin aku Hanan nak dtg sambung belajar Medic kat Mesir.
Alhamdulillah, ade jugak org boleh tlg bawak anmum dtg ke mesir hehe.
Cumenye, mungkin nak kene gi ambik barang tu kat airport..tapi tu lah, perjalanan ke airport makan masa lebih kurang 4 jam, dan Hanan pun memang dah ade orang yg akan uruskan dia dan kawan2 di airport tu.
Dan paham2lah..kitorang ni naik public transport ajek..pergi balik dah 8 jam..uii penat.
Harap2 Hanan sambung kat Mansurah..sebab kalau x dpt gi airport nanti mungkin boleh ambik di mansurah je..hehe mansurah dekat je dengan Tanta :D

ok lah, dah panjang dah aku membebel ni.!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Yesterday was my first time celebrating raya in egypt. Although I only received guests and not going anywhere..I still feel happy :D.

The rendang I made got excellent reviews from friends Alhamdulillah..and after the last guests left our house..all the kuah kacang and rendang is already finished! :D
(sorry tak sempat tangkap gambar of the food)
But we still have some nasi impit left..any ideas on what to do with them??
I was thinking to buat nasi impit goreng..or soto..any other ideas?

Hmm..and tmrw we're gonna have more guests coming. They speshly asked for the nasi briyani that they had last time they ape lagi, tonight kene beli barang lagi la heheh :P.

And for dessert esok macam nak buat strawberry, mango and pineapple jelly ni kat rumah. Sape reti buat agar2 yang lapis2 tu? Teringin pulak yang buat yang tu..tapi takut tak jadi hik hik..

*embarassing ok kalau tak jadi :P*

Morning sickness macam dah subside..
But u know what? On the last day of puasa I managed to cook the rendang for raya and for bukak puasa that day..which means no more morning sickness. I can even potong daging without vomiting!

But cooking rendang means, I have to wait till the meat gets lembut, till the rendang gets darker, till the gravy dries while putting in on slow fire. Which means, I didn't sleep the whole night coz I want the rendang to reach a certain taste which I love.

Everything was ok and perfect untill after Subuh prayers.
Suddenly I thought the rendang smelt too strong, and I hated the smell of nasi impit.

Oh, morning sickness came back rupenye.

I asked abang if I can rest at home while he goes Solat Hari Raya (sedih woo tak dapat experience), he said no problem.
So when he left the house with friends, I was really2 nauseated and got really2 bad headaches, and later got some sleep for like 30minutes. But when I wake up, I was really2 I end up celebrating hari raya on the bed while hubby attends to his friends that comes to visit.
Kesian dia..
but nasib baik everything is ready, tinggal orang nak makan je. :D

But last night, after semua orang dah balik..I found that my morning sickness is totally gone!
I can eat everything without feeling nausea or sick!
Alhamdulillah.. :)

So tonight..I plan to make some satay!! Yey :D (with the hope of no more morning sickness la of course..aminn)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Selamat Hari Raya semua!!
Maaf Zahir & Batin!

Walaupun tengah bz sediakan juadah hari raya untuk esok..tapi aku sempat lagi berblogging hehe
Maksudnye takdela bz sangat kan? :P

Baru selesai buat rendang daging + hati. Tapi tengok2 macam sikit pulak sekilo setengah ni..jadi abg tadi pegi la beli daging lagi sekilo. Sambil2 tunggu abg balik dari kedai, aku buat la caramel..bleh la buat dalam 20bekas kecik2..ala jadi la tu.
Skang ni dok tunggu nasi impit sambil kumpul tenaga nak buat rendang 2nd batch..harap2 la cukup untuk tetamu2 yang nak dtg rumah esok ni..

Hmm..apela diorang tu buat kat rumah tok ek? Rindu nak nyakat firdaus dan bapaknye (paksu aku) hehe..rindu nak dengar paknjang, pakcik, makteh sume berkaraoke, nak main ngan bebudak kecit2 (maisarah, munirah, nabila, akmal, sapik, balqis dan lain2)..pastu nak makan bertambah2..uii sedap tau makanan org utara!

Ish..mak ngan ayah aku ni sure gi padang besar ni! Nak ikott! hehe

Abang pun dok tengah rindu2 orang mesia kot..sejak tadi senyap je..
:D hehe jangan maraah..

uu..teruja nya nak celebrate first time raya kat mesir esok ni..takottt..

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ginger & Cinnamon Tea

Whilst others are busy with Raya preparations, I was kinda busy searching for solutions to ease away my morning sickness. I found that some people recommended ginger tea, and Indians uses ginger, cinnamon and some other herbs to help with morning sickness.

So just now, me and hubby went shopping for Raya preparation. And while doing that, I found my ginger & cinnamon tea! :D

Sampai je rumah, I teared open the packet just to see and smell the sachets inside..and was so delighted that the tea smells like cinnabon!! hehe I love love love the smell of cinnabon.
But hubby didn't like it though..he can only tollerate cinnamon in cookings :P.

And tonight, after cleaning the fridge and vomitting a few times..I decided to taste my newly bought tea. Well so far, so good..I'll update later on how the tea goes with my morning sickness..and if any of you has any other inputs regarding this tea..pls pls pls leave me a comment or message through my ym okie? Thanks.

Hmm..speaking of Raya..UK will be celebrating Eid tomorrow!! Yes, its a surprise for the UK people as well.
So for Kak Opin, Abg Jamal, Sabeera, Syameem, Sumrah and Seif..Happy Hari raya ok?
Kalau Kak Opin buat lemang tu pos la kat kami sama..haha :P
And for Faimee Chan, Naqi, Diey and Mai..Happy Hari Raya to all of u as well..jangan lupe ek kitorang kat mesir ni :D.

I think my mom and the whole family dah siap pegi minum kopi la kat Kedah tu. Knowing my father punye driving of course la they will arrive early..and safe insyaallah.
Seronoknye Raya ramai2 diorang tu..mesti ade karaoke session, BBQ session, Padang Besar session, Perlis Session and also mandi air terjun session..uu jeles jeles.

Tapi's actually pretty exciting to celebrate Raya for the first time with a husband around :p. As Kak Opin puts it ' bila lagi nak raya berdua kan' hik hik..
So tadi we bought beef and hati untuk rendang. I even consulted Kak Opin on the nasi impit with beras arab recipe and hope to do it really2 well hehe. And maybe just maybe(kalau aku larat la) we'll buy ayam esok and buat kuah soto to eat with the nasi impit.

Sounds like a good plan eh? Hopefully so..

But so sad with the fact that we'll miss the satay at Rumah Perlis Fisrt day of Raya!!
Nak Satay!!
Pos la kat kitorang cikittt..
hik hik :P

Monday, September 29, 2008

Salam Aidilfitri dari Mesir

Ramai dah yang start balik kampung harini.
Alamatnye, seminggu la kitorang x dapat bace new updates kat blog kawan2..huiii..seminggu tuuuuhh.
Oit korang, sile balik awal sikit ye? hehe

Malam tadi lepas dinner aku rase mcm sehat sikit dah..walaupun sebelum tu dah 5-6kali aku muntah2.
Tengoklah, jap lagi kalau ok..aku nak ikut abg gi beli barang2 masak untuk raya.
Nak masak ape? Tah laaa..heheh
Wait n see...

Honestly aku dah start rindu ngan makanan malaysia..speshly nasikk.
Nasik Arab lain woo..makan sikit2 bole laa...tapi bile dah slalu sgt mcm xbleh nak masuk heheh.
Aku dah start berangan nak makan roti canai, nasi lemak sambal sotong, seafood, kue teow/bihun udang, sate, rendang tok..uish..terliur aku ni..jangan ngidam bukan2 sementara dok kat mesir ni udahh..:P
Jenuh la encik abe aku nak cari..

Actually time ni time tido..tapi tadi aku tido dah kejap, x pasti bape lame. Pastu tetibe aku terjage pastu borak2 ngan abang nak masak ape sume, pastu dah x bleh tido. Abang syok je tido..takpela..sian die letih jage ginik die sorang ni..heheh
Bak kate die ' ayang sorang pun dah macam 2' :P

Ala..perut aku rase x sedap dah ni..
Baiklah, sebelum aku byebye kat korang meh aku nak bagi ucapan sket

'Salam Aidilfitri kpd semua..Mintak maaf banyak2, zahir batin. Kalau ade tersilap kate ke, terbuat ape2 yg korang x suke ke kan..mintak maaf banyak2 ek. Kalau nak aku mintak maaf secare personally pun bleh..tapi korang message la aku suh aku mintak maap kat korang personally, insyaallah aku buat, no problem!
Untuk yang kat perantauan gak mcm kitorang ni..jangan nangis2..kite beraye lagi syok dr org kat mesia okeh?? hihi nanti balik kite balas dendam raya puas2.
Untuk yang beraye kat rumah sendiri..aa jgn lupe gi smayang raye.
Untuk yang beraye kat rumah mertua..senyum2lah selalu..syok oo org dah kawen, bleh merase raya kat rumah mertua.
Untuk yang nak kawen/tunang lepas raya ni..tahniahh..pos la sikit nasik minyak kat kami
Dan untuk yang beraye sambil berpeknen dan bermorning sickness mcm aku ni..tahla aku pun tatau nak ucap ape..semoge x morning sickness la pagi raye tu yee hihi'

okla..ucapan pun dah ngarut2 sebab aku pun dah pening2 ni..
nak kejut abang suh bangun sahur pulakk..
huhu..sile la doakan aku kuat untuk mengemas rumah sebelum raya ni!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Surviving Morning Sickness

Huarghhh tak larat.
The morning sickness attack has worsen.
Tak boleh makan pape, tak boleh minum pape..and nothing sound good except for fillet o fish Mcdonalds.
Tapi too bad lah..kat Tanta takde McD, and McD is soo not good for preggie moms.

And what's worst is, aku mcm lembik..nak jalan2 pun x larat..and I hate the smell of perfumes..of any kind, not even deodorant. I even hate my own smell.

ish..hope all this will disappear lah soon kan..
It will..It will..Insyallah..

Hmm ok..have fun reading this article okeh..

Morning sickness

is the nauseated feeling you experience in your first trimester. It usually starts out in the morning and wears off as you become active throughout your day. Not all morning sickness remedies will work for you, but these are just a few remedies and comforts that have helped other women get through their day.

A day in the life of morning sickness:

In the Morning:

Allow yourself plenty of time to get out of bed. If you usually get up at 6 a.m. set your alarm for 5 a.m. It is a good idea to keep a stash of crackers or dry cereal by your bed so you can put something in your stomach as soon as you wake up. Get out of bed slowly as you start your day.

During the Day:

Eat small meals throughout the day to avoid getting too full or too hungry. Progesterone slows the speed of food passing through your digestive tract. To further prevent your stomach from getting too full or too empty, you should drink fluids a 1/2 hour before or after a meal, but not with your meals. But DO drink fluids throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

Get plenty of rest when you can. This is especially important if you have to get up early in the morning. But DON'T take a nap right after a meal. This can cause nausea to be worse.

Avoid foods or smells that make your nausea worse, and avoid being in warm places, which can increase your nausea.

In the Evening:

For dinner avoid spicy, greasy foods. Prepare things that are bland and do not have a strong odor. You may have to avoid cooking in the kitchen for the first trimester.

Most importantly, go to bed early! You need your rest to have the energy to get up early and do it all over again. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, try to eat something from your bedside stash!

Suggested Meals to Eat:

  • Cold foods (sandwiches, raw vegetables, salad when properly prepared to prevent listeria)
  • Bland foods (chicken soup, broth, plain baked potato)
  • Plain vegetables or fruits
  • Keep meals small, but eat as frequently as you need to

Suggested Snacks to Eat:

  • Lemons (eat them, suck on them, sniff them)
  • Ginger (ginger ale soda, ginger tea, ginger jam on toast, ginger snaps)
  • Peppermint tea
  • Crackers
  • Gelatin Jell-O
  • Flavored popsicles
  • Pretzels
Taken from

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Proses pembotakkan rambut berjaya!!

Husband aku dah kembali kebentuk asal menjadi shaolin the 2nd!! I like :D

Walaupun dah 2 kali aku tulun2 membotakkan rambut nih..aku still x pandai lagik gune razor tuh..tapi ade la improvement sket..
Takkesah la kan kan? Lama2 pandai la kan?
Asalkan end result die ok kan? (walaupun dlm proses tu penuh dgn 'ouch!', 'aa abis tarik rambut abg!!', 'takut la kawan2 abang gelakkan abang', dll) :D

Orang dah ramai start balik kampung. Family aku pun nak balik Kedah Isnin ni.

Oklah..aku ucapkan selamat hari raya lah untuk semua ek?
Makan ketupat ke, lemang ke, kuih raya tu ke..ingat2 la same kat kitorang ni ehh
hik hik

Korang, masuk la sini :

Kad Raya untuk korang

Selamat Hari Raya..Maaf Zahir dan Batin ye sume..
uh uh..syahdu..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Khasiat Buah Delima @ Ar-Rumman

Skarang ni musim buah delima kat Mesir.
Manis! Aku pun ape lagi..syok2 aa makan. Tetibe, org pregnant bleh ke ek makan buah delima?? so aku did a li'l search, and found this!

  • orang kate makan buah delima nanti anak cerdik
  • orang kate lagi, kalau makan buah delima nanti anak ade lesung pipit! hihi takkesahlaa..
  • Ada yang kata buah delima baik untuk perkembangan otak bayi, dan ada yang kata, kalau kita makan buah delima semasa mengandung, anak yang lahir akan kelihatan cantik dan comel, insyaAllah.
  • diantara hikmah memakan buah delima semasa mengandung ialah apabila org melihat wajah anak itu, hati akan merasa belas dan kasihan kepadanya.
  • A study published in Pediatric Research found that drinking pomegranate juice during pregnancy helped protect newborns' brains during traumatic births.
  • Pomegranate seeds are eaten to have quality and quantity of babies.
  • Dalam banyak budaya, delima melambangkan kesuburan dan panjang usia. Orang Cina misalnya menyajikannya sewaktu upacara perkahwinan karena ia dianggap lambang kesuburan, kemakmuran dan keturunan besar.
  • Khasiatnya tinggi kaya dengan zat sodium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, vitamin C, kalsium dan forsforus. Ia juga sejenia penawar karena kandungan antioksidan yang tinggi bagi penyakit jantung, cepat tua dan barah.
  • Dalam perubatan Yunani dan homeopati, delima dapat mengubati cirit birit, sakit telinga, pandangan kabur, sakit gusi dan kurang lawas pengahadhaman.
  • Manfaat : membantu jantung, dimana jus delima ini kaya antioksidan yang membantu mencegah penyumbatan pada pembuluh darah arteri oleh kolesterol. Jus delima ini juga dihubungkan dengan pencegahan terjadinya kanker prostat.

    Jus ini dilengkapi dengan vitamin A, C dan E serta asam folat yang penting pada tahap awal kehamilan.

  • Mengelakkan alahan bagi wanita mengandung.
  • Buah delima atau dari segi saintifiknya Punica granatum mempunyai pelbagai keistimewaan, selain dari sedap dimakan ,ia juga mempunyai kebaikan dari segi kesihatan.Zat besi yang terdapat dalam buah delima dianggap sebagai unsur penting dalam pembentukan darah merah. Seseorang yang kekurangan zat besi akan mengalami penyakit anemia. Buah delima juga boleh memperbaiki usus-usus dan menguatkannya, membersihkan bahagian dalam tekak serta sesuai untuk mereka yang mengalami masalah batuk. Walaupun begitu buah delima masam juga boleh mencegah dari muntah, menghentikan cirit-birit dan melawaskan air kencing.Ini kerana buah delima mengandungi bahan pengcengkam yang mampu memegang dinding saluran perut.
hmm..ade yang mcm mengarut, tapi banyak gak khasiat die.
(psst..syok gak kalau anak ade lesung pipit kan?? wakakaka)
anyway dalam Qur'an pun ade tulis pasal buah delima ni, so aku yakinlah..buah delima ni banyak khasiat die yang bagus2..meh aku paste sket lagi..

Buah Delima
Buah Delima (rumman ) dalam Al Quran disebutkan di beberapa tempat, yaitu dalam Surat Al An’am 99 dan 141, serta Ar Rahman 68.

Dalam sebuah hadits mauquf dan marfu’, Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam bersabda bahwa Buah Delima termasuk buah surga. “ Tak satupun buah delima yang kalian tanam, melainkan ia dibuahi dengan biji buah delima surga”. Harb dan lainnya meriwayatkan juga dari Ali bin Abi Thalib bahwa Rasulullah bersabda yang artinya, “ Makanlah Buah Delima beserta minyak dan atau lemaknya karena ia dapat mengaktifkan pencernaan” (HR. Imam Ahmad). Ibnu Qayyim dalam Buku At Tibb An Nabawi, berkata tentang buah delima’ “ Sesungguhnya buah delima itu sangat baik untuk perut karena dapat menguatkannya”.

Bagian bagian Buah Delima, terutama kulit luarnya mengandung asam tanat ( Tannic Acid) yaitu zat pembasmi dan pembersih bakteri. Sedangkan jika diperas (dibikin jus) selain mengandung Tannic Acid juga zat gula mentol dan unsur besi dalam jumlah yang cukup tinggi. Menurut Ilmu Kedokteran, Buah Delima mempunyai manfaat antara lain; mengobati diare, ambeien, pelega nafas, cacingan, radang gusi, radang lambung dan obat mata. all preggy mommies out there..jom la makan buah delima! :D

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

saye buat cakoi

Korang sume tau ape itu cakoi?
Cakoi ialah sejenis kuih.
Maaf sebab tak dapat upload gambar. Tak dapat upload gambar kerana internet ini berkeadaan bengong, seperti tuannye.

Semalam saye chat dgn adik saye, anisah. Dia telah show off kate die makan cakoi yg dibeli dengan senang lenang di pasar ramadhan.
Sape suruh die show off? Tentulah dia yang salah!

Bila dia show off, saye mule terase ingin makan cakoi.
Ingin makan cakoi gile-gile punye ah!

So saye cari resepi cakoi. Saye cari resepi yang paling kurang bahan2 dia, dan yang paling mudah.
Jadi tadi, saye pun buat cakoi.
Saye uli tepung, somi saye yg baik tu tlg goreng tau. Baik tau somi saye :D

Tapi oleh kerana saye tidak ikut arahan, maka cakoi saye jadi biskut.
Sepatutnye saye tunggu doh naik selame 30minit - sejam.
Tapi saye tunggu 15minit je sebab saye tak sabar.

Saye try goreng 1. Dia jadi keras macam biskut dan tak kembung pun.
Saye marah doh tersebut, somi saye pun turut menyokong saye. Somi saye kate nanti kite balik mesia kite beli cakoi banyak2 punye.

Saye pun gembira. Rupenye cakoi2 yang lepas2 tu jadi cantik..sebab waktu tunggu turn diorang untuk digorengkan tepungnye dah pun naik.

Saye suke! :D
Saye berjanji untuk mengikut arahan lain kali!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

8days to the end of Ramadhan 2008

Free Orkut and My Space Eid Mubarak Graphics Glitters

Alhamdulillah, Thank U Allah.
I've been given a very big and meaningful present on the day before 1st Ramadhan..and guiltily admitting that me and hubby have actually kept the good news to ourselves.


And now..drumroll please!! I'm spreading this joy around :D

I'm about 8weeks pregnant, and so far, the scans, the blood and urine works has given us very very good results Alhamdulillah. Good results means reassurance speshly to me and hubby, that everything is going to be ok Insyaallah.

And with this, it also means that me and hubby would be celebrating Eid by ourselves..and not going back to celebrate it with the students in Kaherah.
We'll be missing everyone -sisters/brothers- in Rumah Perlis. But we also know that even without us, u guys are gonna have so much fun anyway :D.
Sorry for not being able to accept the job doing all the's just that Kaherah is too far for us to travel..too far for a pregnant lady to be riding a van/train all the way..hope our acts are not misunderstood :).
But as I said earlier, we'll miss everyone, everyone and everyone..and the food ofcoz!!

Talking about food..
Since we are gonna be spending Eid by ourselves, me and hubby would be buzy!
Hahaha..jangan ingat celebrate 2 orang akan jadi tak best ok!! We'll make it fun :D
We're planning to buat some satay! Since we don't have the BBQ set, we'll just gonna goreng the satay haha (nasib baik the instant rempah gives us instruction for the goreng version).
Then we're gonna make nasi impit, rendang..and maybe laksa or lontong?

haha ambitious gile :p.
Its just a plan, but we'll see what we can do..we'll seee :D

So for this remaining Ramadhan, me and hubby will keep on going to Maidah Rahman (bukak puasa kat masjid). Mainly because I can't cook..I hate the smell, kesian hubby nak kene masak, we want to taste Arab food, and plus to solat maghrib secare berjemaah with friends :D.
Its a very good deal ok..the food is nice although menu is kinda limited. We get delicious fish, beef and ayam panggang alternate days with some dessert or air kotak..for free la kan, kate buke kat masjid heh. Syok tau!

hmm..Abang's result will be out anytime soon.
We're praying very hard for him to ecxell..please pray for him too ok? :)
Thank you.

p/s: Thanks shila for announcing yours..I got the courage from there :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jangan jilat stemm!!!

A woman was working in a post office in California.

One day she licked the envelopes and postage stamps instead of using a sponge. That very day the lady found a cut on her tongue. A week later, she noticed an abnormal swelling of her tongue. She went to the doctor, and they found nothing wrong. Her tongue was not sore or anything. A couple of days later, her tongue started to swell more, and it began to get really sore, so sore, that she could not eat. She went back to the hospital, and demanded something be done. The doctor took an x-ray of her tongue and noticed a lump. He prepared her for minor surgery. When the doctor cut her tongue open, a live cockroach crawled out!!!!

There were cockroach eggs on the seal of the envelope. The egg was able to hatch inside of her tongue, because of her saliva. It was warm and moist...

This is a true story reported on CNN
Andy Hume wrote:

Hey, I used to work in an envelope factory. You wouldn't believe the....things that float around in those gum applicator trays. I haven't licked an envelope for years!' I used to work for a print shop (32 years ago) and we were told NEVER to lick the envelopes. I never understood why until I had to go into storage and pull out 2500 envelopes that were already printed and saw several squads of cockroaches roaming around inside a couple of boxes with eggs everywhere. They eat the glue on the envelopes.


After reading this you will never lick another envelope or stamp again!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's Common Sense :D

It's things like this that gets me mad, and out of control.
I'm sorry for lashing out, but note that this is not for you..this is for the others with no common sense.
As for you, I already told you that I'm confrontational..I hate keeping things inside, I hate revenge.
(But sometimes revenge is sweet though..but only, only to some ppl :D)

This article below is for 'support people'.
See, when you are a friend or a family member of a person who has lost whatever she had lost..u became her 'support people'.
No, u don't have to be her pillow or osim chair..u just need to have common sense.

Read this one up, you'll understand.


  • Do ask, "How are you doing?"
  • Do be ready to listen, despite the sensitivity of this topic.
  • Do remember that you can't take away her pain, but you can listen and help her feel less alone.
  • Do let your genuine concern and care show.
  • If the mother chooses to talk about the embryo/fetus as a 'baby', let her. Don't try and argue the medical details of when it actually becomes a 'baby'.
  • Do say you are sorry about her pain.
  • Do accept her moods, whatever they may be! You are not there to judge. Be sensitive, and expect frequent shifting moods.
  • Do get literature about depression and the grief process to help you understand.
  • Do allow her the respect to grieve and be sad as you would for a mother who lost a baby through a miscarriage.
  • Don't think that the gestational "age" of the pregnancy determines its value and impact.
  • Don't minimize her feelings, sadness or grief, by saying there must be 'something more' than just the abortion that is causing her such distress.
  • Don't be afraid to touch or hug her, it can often be more comforting than words.
  • Don't avoid her because you feel helpless or uncomfortable, or don't know what to say.
  • Don't change the subject when she mentions her abortion/miscarriage. Try to just listen, and hear what she wants to say.
  • Don't push the mother through the grieving process, it takes a long time to heal and they never really forget.
  • Don't encourage the use of illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • Don't ask her how she feels if you aren't willing or don't have the time to listen.
  • Don't say you know how she feels, unless you have been in the same situation.
  • Don't (even if you are hurt and feel the need to lash out) say: "You would have made a bad mother." Or the variation "You weren't ready anyway." or any other comment that demeans her ability as a mother or prospective mother.
  • Don't tell her what she should feel or do.
  • Don't look at her situation and put a time frame on her healing, and say "You should feel better by now!" (This will only make her feel worse, "oh god, not only is she falling apart after her abortion/misscarriage, but she is inconveniencing everyone else by not 'being over it by now!")
Taken frm, but it applies as well after a miscarriage.

Oh but well, I shouldn't have even bothered to lash out my anger..or to post this up.

Some people never will understand..but please prove to me that you do, and that my effort to post this up is all worthwhile.
Thank you.

Ya Allah, please oh please grant me some patience..

Interesting - Philosophy of Charles Schultz

Alhamdulillah, my flu dah kurang..but still there.
But my temp. is still quite high and coughing. My batuk bunyik macam batuk kering ok..soo..don't like!
My tekak is very sore and very gatal, macam ade tulang tersekat kat tekak dan gatal..sangat gatal.

Abang pun now kat rumah kawan, kul 1 pagi lom balik lagi..tapi malas nak jadi polis suh balik rumah cepat. heh biarlah..let him have his 'me-and-frenz' time.

So..was looking thru my email and found this.
Very interesting, and I find it very true.


The following is the philosophy of Charles Schultz, the creator of the
"Peanuts" comic strip.

You don't have to actually answer the questions.
Just read this straight through and you'll get the point.

1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.
2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners.
3. Name the last five winners of the 'Miss America'.
4. Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize.
5. Name the last half dozen Academy Award winners for best actor and
6. Name the last decade's worth of World Series winners.

How did you do?

The point is none of us remember the headliners of yesterday.
These are no second-rate achievers. They are the best in their fields.

But the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades and
certificates are buried with their owners.

Here's another quiz. See how you do on this one:
1. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.
2. Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time.
3. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.
4. Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special.
5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.

The lesson: The people who make a difference in your life are not the
ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They
are the ones that care.

Pass this on to those people who have made a difference in your life.
"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already
tomorrow in Australia ." (Charles Schultz)
A Quote from one Phd., Dr. Ben Lee, " People Don't Care How Much You Know
until they Know How Much You Care."

Friday, September 19, 2008


Yupp..if I am still employed, I would've just called in sick. Get to the clinic near Alamanda, pay RM30 for medicine and consultation + RM10 for Mc.

But since I am only a housewife, I get my complete rest..and lucky me, no need for any Mc's :).

'I'd rather do nothing and be happy than do something I know I don't love. ' - a quote frm what happens in Vegas.

Yes, I am sick..and even though I get my complete rest..this fever and flu and vomiting and these horrible feelings doesn't seem to go away.
Pity Yeh, he had to take over all my house chores. And when I say All, I mean All.
Love u Abang.

I love food, to see food, to smell food, to eat food.
But I hate food when it all comes out into the toilet bowl within 1hour after eating, and the next hour, and then the next hour..
Ok, gross I know..I don't care hahah :P

hmm..ok, i'm not complaining..and shouldn't be complaining.
I should end this now.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A reason to celebrate :)

2 reasons actually :D

Daisypath Anniversary Years Ticker

Daisypath Anniversary Years Ticker tadi kitorang berbuke dgn mo'men- fast food egypt mari..burgers and burgers and burgers :D tapi sampai skang lom abis lagik burgernye hehe (takyah masak sahur :P)

there shd be more reasons to pray for us yeah?

Thank you Allah..

Congratulations to us!!

Thank you 'tayang' for ur love..hik hik hik :D

Monday, September 15, 2008

I love..

Assignment by Ms Azie :D

*I challenge you to make your own list. The only catch? You can’t include a single person you know on your list. No “I love the way my husband laughs” or “I love hearing my little girl call for me.” It’ll be tough, I know. (Think about it, I couldn’t include MOLLY on my list.) But this particular little exercise is about stripping away everyone who defines you and figuring out what you (not his partner; not their mother/daughter/sister/friend) love.

I love:

to eat

eating satay, nasi lemak, nasi goreng cili api and most Malaysian food

to sleep

the rain

the sea and mountains and hills and trees

the breeze, the rainbow, the snow, the sun and moon

being happy

having fun

the color white

the calm feeling after prayers

the feelings i have now

my orange kelisa - or used to be

birthdays, anniversaries

ice creams, donuts, cinnabon, chocolates and all the fattening stuff

surprises -well, only good surprises

to be able to see the Ka'abah once again, the feeling is indescribable

the sawah padi

to berkubang in the bendang..hmmm :)



my teddy bear, my nemo, my comot

to pull out my hair out of boredom

go dating


my stripy socks

making desserts


being successful


being healthy

going places


alamak azie, if i were to list everything that i love..sure cam x cukup space kat internet ni hehehe

sooo...pls give me an A+ ok? Thanks in advance! Hehe :D

and i'm assigning this task to Miza, Shy, Mun, Pa'ah, KakCT and Kak Opin, that is... only if you guys have the time or the willingness to do this :D (see, I'm a very lenient task assigner hehehe)

Good Luck and Selamat Berpuasa!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tomyam lagik :D

Semalam berbuke dengan tomyam,harini pun tomyam.
Tukang masak? mestilah encik yeh :D

Si isteri die yg mengade ni telah berusaha memujuk lakinye utk buat tomyam..sebab kalau lakinye ni buat tomyam memang sedap sangat! :D

Lepas terawih malam tadi, kawan yeh call ajak cari lampu ramadhan kat tanta.
Berpusing2lah kami 1 tanta sampai kul 1230++ demi lampu itu. Tapi unfortunately lampu tersebut telah abis dijual..rupenye time limit dia sampai 10 Syawal jekk.

Masa kitorang stop bertanye kat satu kedai ni, sempat jugak la kami kene nasihat hehe.
Kate ammu kedai ni, bida'ah pasang2 lampu ni.
Uh uh ..ouch!

Aku tanye abang, apsal lak bleh jadi bida'ah? Yeh kate sebab zaman nabi takde..
hoh..kamu nilai lah sendiri ape2 yang kamu nak nilai ye :D

Hmm..dah 14 Ramadhan, bulan pun dah full moon.
Cantik sangat.
Lagi 2minggu dah start raya pulak.
Sedihkan Ramadhan dah nak abis?

Sementara kite sibuk2 tunggu raya dan beli macam2 keperluan raya..moh le kite tingkatkan amal ibadah kite.
Semoge segala amal baik kite diterima Allah, Amin.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tagged by Mieza

13 random things you love: [in no particular order]

1. my handsomest husband :D
2. 'the 7weeks'
3. my family
4. taking pictures
5. eat!
6. my laptop
7. my handphone
8. new experience
9. babies & toddlers

10. chocolates
11. tanta(the place where I currently am)
12. putrajaya/cyberjaya (no jams, no tolls)
13. my bestest friends!!!!

12 movies you like: [in no particular order]

3.Dark Knight
4.The Saw
5. Starwars
6. PRamlee
7. One Litre of Tears
8. Once
9. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
10. Kuch Kuch Hota Hei
11. Dil Cahta Hai
12. Shaolin Soccer

11 bands/artists: [in no particular order]

1. xpdc
2. the pair from Once- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
3. MCR
4. MNasir
5. Swift Taylor
6. Delta Goodrem
7. Amr Dhiab
8. Cleopatra Stratans - if u dunno her, search youtube lagu gita ok
9. KRU - once upon atime :D
10. Conway Twitty
11. Muhamad Elyas Harun :D hehe

10 things about you physically & personality wise:

1. pendek dan gemok wahahaha
2. pandai masak
3. berbudi bahasa
4. sopan santun
5. ramah mesra
6. jiwa murni
7. baik
8. pandai
9. bijak
10. suke tipu haha

9 songs for your wedding: [in no particular wedding]

Had my wedding, so here goes
1. teratai - karaoke by the family :P
2. Hingga menutup mata
3. Selawat
4. tah..tu je kot

8 fav drinks/food: [in no particular order]

1. Sate
2. Hardees
3. Nasi Goreng Cili Api
4. Laksa
5. ABC
6. Cendol
7. Juices
8. Air Kosong

7 things you always wear:

1. cincin kawen
2. gelang
3. perfume
4. deodorant
5. tudung
6. baju
7. seluar/kain

6 pet peeves: [in no particular order]

1. people who befriend you with the sole-intention of using you to the max, then leave, then spreading to the whole world of any sifat mazmumah you have..forgetting that they themselves are soooo not perfect.
2. people who thinks they know the reason of my recent micarriage- me playing bowling. Hello, I played bowling when I was NOT pregnant. And pls don't accuse me for the miscarriage, it hurts.

3. ass-kissers
4. annoying attention seekers
5. backstabbers
6. dirty toilets

5 things you touch everyday: [in no particular order]

1. Me
2. My Handsomest Husband :D
3. My Teddy Bear (sometimes she is called Nyla, Bobo, or BearBear)
4. My Laptop
5. My Dapur

4 shows you watch: [in no particular order]

1. Have not been watching any..

3 celebrities:

1. Don't know, Don't care hehe

2 current wishes:

1. For my '7weeks' to be perfectly okay!
2.For my handsomest husband to pass his exams with flyflyflying colorss!!

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

1. Muhamad Elyas Harun, My Boyfriend cum My Handsomest Husband hehe

No one, too many questions.
Thanks mieza for tagging me, memang takde idea nak update pun ni :D