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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

about 2 weeks dah jadi tunang org,alhamdulillah :)

yeh tgh buat umrah and will meet his parents there insyaAllah..the engagement went very smoothly which is kinda aday to remember :)..have lotsa photos, which 1 batch was taken by mun using my cam (coz she didnt bring her charger for her cam :P), 1 batch was taken by shy and another one by one of ehsan's friends

the night before engagement i had hawa, mun, shy and my sis with me..later in the night siti and ad came which they accompanied me until 4am arranging flowers (which mama was very tired and handed the flowers who didint know nothing bout flowers nor arranging them), decorating and re-decorating hantaran... and just merely talking bout stuff..thanks to all :D

yeh called that night but was tired and didnt get to talk much..anyway thanx..he wasnt there and i do so missed him..i knew if he can be there he will and things will be much more fun :D

we culdnt get up as early as we shd the next day..yeah..we did slept at arnd 4, with all the hantaran around us (wishing no lipas jalan2 over our body that nite) hehe..
had kak lang tolong make-up kan..thank you!!
i love my green baju kurung..and green tudung..i was green that day!! hehe
mun and shy wore pink with black tudung..why? u shd read shy's blog to know the answer :P

alah so many more la to the office now with so many kije belambak!! later sambung..:D tadaloo..