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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Alfatihah to arwah Shah Reedza Mat Din, suami tercinta kepada Hawa Liyana Hashim dan bapa kepada little Qisya Sofea.

Masih x percaya dgn ape yg dah jadi, tapi dlm masa yg sama sgt kagum dengan ketabahan Hawa.
Dan terlalu kasihankan si kecil Qisya..

Hawa, kami dapat rasa perit hati Hawa walaupun Hawa x tunjuk..
Kami ade untuk Hawa n Qisya..

Malam kejadian kat spital Hawa sebut " Nanti ko tlg aku jaga Qisya tau?" Masa tu aku tahankan airmata tapi sebak didada hanya Allah yg tahu..

Kejadian malam tu left me with no words..this time around I just dont know what 2 say..
Sangat sangat sangat sangat sedih..but somehow, I learnt that I really2 love my dearest hubby and will be with him till the day I die Insyallah..

Saturday, June 11, 2011

tak suke la org pukul anak kita..

Aku kan dah masuk kije baru..scope kije sgt banyak dan weekend ni sabtu ahad kene kije..
harini pukul 7.10pm aku still kat opis. Keja masih berlambak tahap nak muntah darah penuh sejuta besen.

Adam ngan erfaan tentulah dengan bibik dan bibik susi..kesian anak2 ku..
Adam cakap semalam 'bibik susi baik, dia x pukul adam'
Tekejut la kan aku dgr..tapi nak suh dia terangkan mesti dia x reti..

so aku gi tanye bibik, rupenye bibik pukul dia tghri smlm sbb dia blg selipar.

Aku terdiam tatau nak kata apa..tapi sedih la bile dpt tau dia pukul anak kite kan..
Hubby lak kat Penang..tadi baru call dia gtau psl ni..rupenye hubby ckp Adam dah byk kali sebut camtu..

Melampau tak? Marah sgt rasa dgn bibik..sedih pun ada.. tapi tatau nak buat ape =(
Tapi instinct aku kata kene do something fast sblm bende lagi teruk happen..haih...dugaan besar sangat..

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Adik Ipan dan Abg Adam

Adik Ipan dah pandai gelak2 takde bunyi kalau kite panggil2 nama dia..pastu kalau nak suruh org dukung siap angkat tangan..x cukup tangan, kaki pun dia bantai angkat! ehehe

Abg Adam dah pandai merajuk, dah pandai kecik ati kalau kite layan adik dia lebih sikit..sian dia.
Kalau balik opis tu jangan la tegur adik dulu..kang sampai ke malam mulut dia muncung :p

Abg Adam bukan x suke ada adik, dia sayang adik dia..tapi biasela, jeles tu lebih sket..
So kesimpulannye? Pasni kena ade sikit planning hehe :P

Aku sampai skang dok pam kat opis..tapi stok pulak tinggal sikit..kang bile dah start buat sales kang, tatau ade masa x nak pam 3x satu hari..pensaann~

Ingat nak start la bagi si adik makan bile dia masuk 4 bulan time 15/6 nnti..nak bg makan ape ek? kena cari resepi nih..

Uih..semput jugak ade 2 org anak..cemana la org yg ade 7-8 anak tu kan?? *mintak nyawaa*

Monday, June 06, 2011

Career changes

I've had 6 career changes since I graduated in 2005. Maybe that is the reason why my career is still at a low point..tsk tsk..

I've been to a lot of interviews..some were good but some were horrid ( yes, i mean the interviewer) haha..and honestly speaking, being interviewed by a British, is the best :)

But one of the best which I can remember till now is at Firefly (yes, the airline comp.)
I was interviewed by Datuk Eddy Leong himself and 2 more which I cant clearly remember.

First, I was given a thick case study for Delta Air. Had to summarize the contents in 30mnts and present. I was scared beyond words, and I had zero knowledge of airlines.

I went in with another lad who clearly knows his stuff.
The interviewers were clearly pleased with him..and when my turn came, I didnt do as good. presentation was here and there..but the questions, they were not tough! and when I cant answer they helped but never criticised :)

Maybe I was too young and had less experience back then..I'm kinda embarassed..but if have a chance, I can now go to Datuk Eddy Leong and say

'Hi Datuk, I'm Nadiah. I was interviewed by you about 4 years ago, back when you were just starting to get Firefly flying. I did not get the job, but thank you for your time. Congratulations for making Firefly grow in just about 4 years'

....well, maybe if I have the courage lah! hahahhaha

Friday, June 03, 2011

Moms-to-be, this is interesting! Can be good for Malays to start-up this kind of Business!

Yupp, take this idea and maybe we can turn this into 'Muslimah Confinement Service' hehe..

New confinement practices among the Chinese1 June 2011

Overall, it is safe to say that the Chinese are the most commercialised lot when it comes to confinement or jor yuet (in Cantonese) practices. A large part of this commercialisation is based on providing help and support to the new mum and her family.

Confinement ladies (pui yuet) for hire, who currently charge between RM2,800 and RM3,200 for a month-long stint in the Klang Valley, not only come to take care of mother and baby but can also, upon request, provide the whole month’s supply of herbs, spices, wines and other essential dried foodstuff. A few even offer to supply pots, pans and cooking utensils needed to cook the special confinement food, all at extra cost, of course.

Mothers who choose not to hire a confinement woman can get special meals delivered by catering companies. One-stop centres have also sprouted, providing confinement ladies for hire, masseurs, daily meals, various herbs and tonics, and other related products and services.

Confinement ‘hotels’ Another relatively new trend is staying at a confinement centre or home for one month. These facilities offer a complete package where a mother and her baby’s needs are fully taken care of. They are mainly found in the Klang Valley and cities like Penang, Malacca and Johor Baru. A first-time mum who checked into one such centre was Seto Kit Sau, 36, an assistant manager with a bookstore chain in Kuala Lumpur. “This place is actually quite comfortable and the food, tasty. My sister also finds the food delicious and would ask for some of mine whenever she visits,” said Seto, when met recently at the confinement centre in Bandar Baru Sri Petaling in Kuala Lumpur, one of a few in the Klang Valley.

Those who check into the centre – a three-storey corner link house which started operations in 2005 and can accommodate up to eight mothers – stay in for 28 days and can choose either a private or a twin-sharing room. A private room costs RM6,600 while twin-sharing is RM6,000. The package includes all meals, baby diapers, baby clothes, baby formula and a few traditional Malay massages.

Each confinement lady there has two babies under her charge. Seto said her friends had been puzzled by her decision to put up at the centre with her newborn son. “A lot of people have negative opinions about staying in confinement centres. But I am glad I did because it is very convenient, and everything is taken care of here. The confinement ladies here are very experienced and look after my baby day and night, so I can get a full night’s rest,” said Seto. Being new to parenthood, Seto and her husband appreciate all the advice they can get. “The confinement aunties here will tell you all the taboos and rituals. My husband has also been observing and learning how they bathe, feed and change the baby.”

On whether she was bothered by the noise at the premises, with other babies and people around, Seto said she did not find it a problem. “I stay in a single room, so it’s rather quiet and I can do my own thing. Everybody is also friendly here,” said Seto, who often read, watched TV and went online during her stay. Another mother at the centre was Evelyne Pom, who gave birth to her fourth daughter recently. “For my first three daughters, I hired confinement ladies and stayed at home, but there is not enough room in the house for me to do so this time,” said Pom, 44. “Even if I do, my husband still has to go out and buy groceries and foodstuff. Here, it’s more convenient as everything is taken care of and done on time. There’s 24-hour care and I can get some rest. The price is also reasonable,” said Pom, whose other daughters are aged 16, 14 and 12. “The food provided is generally okay but those who expect a very traditional style of cooking may feel it lacking in terms of ginger and alcohol content,” she added.

Breakfast includes milk and bread, fried rice or fried noodles. For lunch and dinner, the menu comprises a balanced meal of a soup, a vegetable dish, and fish or meat. Red dates boiled with other ingredients like wolfberry (kei ji), honey date (mutt chou) and astragalus root (pak kei) are also served as drinks daily.

**the news was quite lengthy, this is the only part I was intereseted in hehe.. :P

Yaaa opis baruu

Sejak Rabu lepas aku dah masuk kije baru..first time nak buat sales, umo 28. Apekah? hahaha
Takpela, janji permanent, benefit bagus (aminn dapat bonus la tahun depan) :p

x bleh bukak facebook :P bluekk!!

Dan strocholicious pie? servis terhenti buat seketika..sbb 2-3 menjak ni tukang buat rajin migraine
Tapi kalau sape2 nak tu roger je la..kalau aku larat buat, aku buat ye :)

ok buat kije balik
p/s harini rehat 1215-245..nyesal pulak x drive..kawan2 sume cuti..cisbege