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Sunday, December 26, 2004


love hurts kan? ehehe..
tatau nak tulis ape..just that love hurts ..tu je.

smlm gi amik shy kat umah pastu gi makan2 kat umah mun..hmm sedap makanan die..pastu berpeluang jumpe kawan2 mun esp. lan..hihi..
mcm2 kitorang makan..eskrem pon ade..pastu mase nak balik mun kasi nasi briyani ayah die wat..sedap woo..

all in all..yesterday was a good day..tanak elaborate..
thanx shy n mun..luv u both..later la aku kasi present korang k..

eheh tatau nak ckp ape dah..just that..luv hurts.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

left out..

ok, dah agak lame x update eh?
sori shy..lepas i went to bali i was so focused in finding a part time jon that i forgot bout almost sume bende ..
lagipun aku dah xde pc..pc aku adik aku anta gi repair kat mines tp bapak aku xnak amik balik..die kate nak belikan pc baru tapi tatau la thn bile..hehe

now i got a part time job kat Alamanda..
mon- thurs : 7pm-9pm
fri-sat: 7pm-10pm
sunday: 10.30am-9pm
with rm3.5 per hr. ok la for a part time job yg most of the time duduk aje jage kedai yg mmg x ramai org masuk..

currently my schedule is still ok sbb siang xde wat ape..
starting the 20th, i 'll be startig my praktikal kat puchong [tamico system]
start of at 730 amik those cyberia girls [car pooling] then 830 starts work until 5. dlm kul 6 sampai rumah mandi2..kul 7 kene masuk kije part time plak until 9 or 10. Sunday whole day kat alamanda..gile packed x schedule? :D

yeh br dpt a new pocket pc..n currently..i feel left out ..coz of the pocket pc..
its not gonna replace me is it? :(

hehe..yeah..i'm being silly..but true..i'm also feeling kinda left out..;)

until next time..daa~

Thursday, December 02, 2004


been kinda lucky this week i guess..
been trying to find a place for industrial training..applied to 15 companies but only few reply

1. amri ginang : interviewed
2. mediate communication: interviewed --------->offered (dunno how much yet)
3. proton: interviewed ---------->offered (rm400)
4. shang ri la : soon to be interviewed
5. marriot: soon to be interviewed
6.tamico : interviewed ----------->offered (rm400: basic + rm100: allowance +rm100: if good)
7. integritsystem: interviewed --->offered (rm100-600: depending on functionality)

ok, so now there are 4 companies which has accepted me for industrial training..and now..choosing? huhu more 'pening' than the time with no place for training. but its fair to say this as an accomplishment hehe..through our [me n amy] hardwork we managed to get these companies to offer us industrial training in with their companies in like..3 days! was tiring..end of the day both of us 'pancit' dee..

now proton they are ready to offer me a permanent job after the training..didnt think i got in coz the interview was like..yaiks! but then uncle is over there n ppl have a high respect 4 him..well..that is maybe y i got in kot? but my uncle told me that the interviewer likes me! [she does??? :O] huhu..she said i was too soft!!! am i? eheh well..i really dunno which company to accept..

later this evening i called hsbc to tell them i cant go through a permanent job and tell my coordinator that what i am doing is actually industrial training..[that is called 'bluff'! :P] it would be waaay too they told me they'll wait untill i finished my training!! yey..

so okay..guess a big part of me wants tamico..the company is mostly chinese..and with a whole bunch of us going to would be very multiracial! hehe..looking forward.. to go n solat isya'..will post if theres more news from dear me :D

*thanx incik kande