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Saturday, January 20, 2007

To MY bestfriends and Yeh...I love u

20.01.07 Nur Amirah Rashid's wedding at Banting.

went with Mun and Shy..sampai lambat sangat when angah and few others had already left..hiks hiks..

sampai depan rumah pengantin nampak Mira and hubby both in PINK tengah layan tetamu..They looked beautifull and HAPPY full stop :D

Took 1 picture, ate. Mase makan saw Nazim, Fahmi, Syairani, A'asri and sape tah tak perasan sangat..tapi because we were never talking in school so guessed we feel that no effort shd be made to know each other although we were actually glancing at one another as a sign that yeah..i know u..but just that ...hehe

So..question, did we ever consider each other as 'friends'?
Answer..ntah..kompius..tapi pelik, contoh : Aizul
mase sekolah mane ade kitorang penah becakap..but when we met kat mmu we were actually very comfortable in other's presence..sebab kite simple as a reason cld be..

we kinda discussed this in the car..tapi i do wish our whole batch at smkaks can be as close when we were form 3..takkesahla..but .. i want all my friends to come for my this point of time i would certainly call all 'the other guys' as friends :D

satu hari ni mostly were spent with mun and shy..rase best sangat sebab we have each other.
I am never close to my family..not bcoz i dont love them, but becoz i dont know how to express myself in front of them..and everyone knows that the best school is actually your family..and -i kinda rely on my bestfriends and yeh to teach me some life valuable lessons..
I like their insights which are mostly funny but yet so true..
Shyda can certainly express her thought in words while mun prefers to express them in sounds for tim..expressions are usually in her actions and i really wish we can see more of her.

and yehmaster..i love him for who he is and for what he sees in me..if things might not work out for us.. i wish him all the best..and i will pray that he will look back and come searching for me and telling me that i'm the best that has ever happen to him as he is for me...