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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mengantok..Oh, and result dah kuar!

Ye..aku sgt mengantok sekarang..

Contest Gaya sicomel berhari raya haritu dah kuar result..Adam x menang pun, tapi mcm hepi lak tgk senarai pemenang..sume comel2..haha

Ha..nak tgk result sila la gi sini :
dan sini

semalam buat play-doh utk Adam..nak upload pic play-doh and pic Adam men play-doh tu (haha mementang camera dah sihat kan :p) tapi x jumpe cable and card reader pun takde..huwaaa!!

mcm nak gi cari card reader sekarang jugak! kih kih kih

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Berdialog dengan dak kecit umur 1thn 8 bulan

Ni cerita psl Adam n Mia lagi..ahaha..

Satu pagi aku ngn tido, tengok mata dia dah bulat sengih2 kat aku

Aku: Eh..assalamualaikum, selamat pagi! Adam dah bangun? Adam mimpi ape mlm td?
Adam: Mia!
Aku: Ha? mimpi ape?
Adam: Men lali-lali..(Main lari-lari)

hehe dia sgt suke la si Mia tuh..

Pastu balik kije plak

Aku: Adam dah pegi taman?
Adam: Ha..amann..
Aku: Wuyioooo bestnye
Adam:! (dia mmg suka tiru)
Aku: Adam main dgn sape?
Adam: Miaa..jom!!

Kih kih kih..aku pun saje la

Aku: Adam, bukan Mia..kakak Mia..dia bukan gf Adam punn
Adam: Ha kakak Mia..hihihi
Aku: Eh gelak plak..dia bukan gf adam kan?
Adam: Hehehe (gelak malu2)

Hahaha..sekian saje lah dialog aku dgn budak setahun 8bulan tuh :P

p/s: camera oly tough aku yg kale putih tu dah sihattt!! i like!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Case of the Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy by TGV

Have you ever dream of ever being a detective? Well, here's your chance!

Find the stolen keys!!

You'll be handsomely rewarded with A Private Screening Hall for any movie + a Panasonic 50” 3DLCD + 3D Blu-ray Player and more by TGV Cinema and partners!

Some clues for you detectives:
1. You can get more info from here

2. The synopsis:

“TRON: Legacy” is a 3D high-tech adventure set in a digital world that’s unlike anything ever captured on the big screen. Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), a rebellious 27-year-old, is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn (Oscar®- and Golden Globe®-winner Jeff Bridges), a man once known as the world’s leading video-game developer. When Sam investigates a strange signal sent from the old Flynn’s Arcade—a signal that could only come from his father—he finds himself pulled into a digital world where Kevin has been trapped for 20 years. With the help of the fearless warrior Quorra (Olivia Wilde), father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe—a universe created by Kevin himself that has become far more advanced with never-before-imagined vehicles, weapons, landscapes and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape. Presented in Disney Digital 3D™ and scored by Grammy® Award-winning electronic music duo Daft Punk, “TRON: Legacy” hits U.S. theaters on Dec. 17, 2010, in Disney Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D

Interesting eyh?? I sooo wanna be the first to watch!!..if only I can find those KEYS!! hmmmmm..

More info:


Remember :

If you’re Sherlock Holmes or Dr Watson, please help TGV Cinemas by visiting their Facebook page at now to find more clues to this mystery. Should you succeed, prizes worth up to RM20,000 awaits you!

What are you waiting for?? grab your detective caps, detectives!! :D


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Contest Teka Kereta

Owner Contest :D

My follower ID : nad az
Saya teka: Toyota Yaris - Super Red!
Link kereta tersebut:

Haha bajet betul jek, siap bg link toyota..kihkihkih..

Senang je contest ni, menarik lak tuhh..sila visit blog faryza k utk join :)

Syarat2 nye...
1) Jadi Follower diblog .::f@ryz@::. dan .::f@ryz@ Contest & GA::.
2) buat entry ringkas tentang contest ini
4) letak pic mama yg cun bersama kereta tu dekat sidebar anda juga
3) Dlm entry wajib ada pic dekat atas, jawapan dan id follower anda. pastikan ada link back ke entry ini. (dlm entry ye semua ni bukan dlm komen)
4) Tinggal komen link/ url anda dekat entry ini sahaja
5) Hanya sekali tekaan sahaja ... bole?? huhu
6)Tarikh tutup 28 hb nov 2010.

hadiah untuk 2 kategori:
kategori pertama :
1 ) jawapan paling tepat dan cepat.
kategori kedua:
1) follower ke 100.
2)follower bertuah by random number.


Looking for 2ndhand carseats please :)

Adam has outgrown his carseats..and the other day masa balik Perlis, we had to put in tilam and bantal kat seat belakang for him to sit on n lie down..

Masa xde adik ni ok la lagi kan, nanti cemana kalau cik kecik lg sorang ni dah kuar? so pk2..oh, carseat itu perlu!!

So went to and found this :

Sangat cool..I so want this!! The spec is as below..but its kinda pricey for us..
So to any mommies who wants to let go of similar carseats, or know of anyone who wanna letgo their carseats..please-please-please let me know yeah? I'll definitely buy if the price is ok :)

The Specs (Taken from momslittleones):


  • Suitable for newborns.
  • From newborn to 4 years of age.
  • This children’s car seat has 6 reclining positions and must be fitted facing the rear of the car if the child weighs less than 13 kg and facing the front of the car if the child weighs from 13 to 18 kg.
  • The seat includes a built-in headrest, extra wide head protection, while the upper part of the backrest has an internal layer of polystyrene designed to absorb the force of any impact. The length of the restraint 5-point harness can be adjusted.
  • Extra car seat padding given for smaller babies (as shown in picture)
  • Comes in sporty Blue/black, Yellow/Black, Red/Black and nice Greyish colour
    (Please click here to view the designs mentioned above)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nona Roguy (NR)- Set Bersalin

Alhamdulillah..aku dah terbeli pulak NR ni wpun aku baru 6bulan haha
Peah yg tlg belikan, tapi aku x byr dia lagi (masuk gaji hari Rabu aku bayar tau!). Harga? Kalau retail RM365, kalau ahli RM300. Peah dapat RM280 :D yey!

Dulu aku guna Amway..tapi tah, mcm x serasi ngan aku. Sembelit? Allah saje yg tahu..aku pernah nangis2 dlm toilet tau! Pastu jamu dia mcm x power kot..susu pun x banyak..kihkihkih..

Papepun aku harap berkesan lah produk nih!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aku sebijik cawan

Gambar dapat kat Google..Aku x la cantik lebih kurang camni..

Aku dihadiahkan kepada tuanku oleh sepasang 'newly weds' sebagai doorgift di majlis perkahwinan mereka.

Aku sedar, aku x la mahal, x la cantik sangat..tapi aku sangat berguna kepada tuanku itu. Lebih2 lagi dimasa2 dia kelaparan di opis. Dia akan membancuh nestum, milo atau kopi menggunakan sahabatku si Sudu.

Satu hari, bos tuanku itu telah diserang satu penyakit. Aku x pasti la pulak ape nama penyakit tersebut. Tetapi penyakit tersebut telah mengakibatkan bos tersebut mencampakkan aku dan rakan-rakan bersama2 dengan sahabatku si Sudu ke dlm tong sampah.

Jika aku punya suara atau tenaga, dah lama aku belasah boss tersebut ataupun paling lekeh..jerit nama tuanku itu..

Tapi apekan daya..aku hanya mampu terdengar dia memanggil2 aku keesokkan harinya..

Aku yakin, dia amat merindui aku dan si Sudu..dan yang paling penting dia tgh lapar Nestum!

Monday, November 15, 2010


The boss giving her speech. Actually my intention was to snap the pic of the delicious-gila-mati Sheppards pie..but mcm kesian je klu x snap pics of the other people and food kan..hak hak hak

Jelly betingkat2 tu is home-cooked by yours truly :P

The theme was Deepa-Raya..I wore my sis's kurung pahang. Even though its big, it still looked funny with my tummy bulging out..haha..but sorry, no pics of meself. Its a big No-No!

Most of the food is home cooked..but taste so professional..
The team obviously has girls who can really cook! (excluding me..ehems :p)

My Jelly? Some ate 3 cups, some bring home end of the lunch break, all were wiped out! Yeyy..alhamdulillah

Plus, I got nice compliments on the Jelly and some even asked for recipes! malu, but so happy that ppl love the Jelly :)

*Happy that today finally the boss approved my raya haji leave *sapu dahi* fuhh!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fruit Cocktail Jelly!

I made this today for tmrw's potluck at the office.
Hope they'll like it..Adam mcm biaselah, nampak jelly he becomes he very happy little boy!



Well, actually we were to come up with each dish to bring to the potluck. I opt for Jelly as I'm not a good cook and I don't know how to manage cooking with the li'l guy around..coz usually the cooking will be done by bibik..haha (takkanla potluck pun nak suruh bibik kan?)

Dan sebenarnye, I was actually looking for ppl who sells Jelly (for wedding doorgifts n stuff) but coudln't find any I ended up making them myself, while my parents brought Adam to Carrefour and while Abang packing his bag for Terenggany this morning :D.

Even though its just jelly, but I'm so proud of myself. Hahaha..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Maher Zain

Rase tercabar lak tgk status Shy kat fb tadi hahaha..
Statusnye berbunyik:

Sejak reviewing konsert Maher Zain yang lepas, traffic blog aku meningkat sampai sekarang. If you write about 'isteri Maher Zain', maka akan meningkat lebih lagi. The man is lubuk emas for bloggers and online portals everywhere. Who would be dumb enough not to write any news about him?

hahaha..ok, aku xde ape nak direviewkan sangat pun. Tadi aku gugelkan pic Maher Zain n his wife, sebab ade skali tu Tugiman kata wife dia small n pretty..saje la kan. Tapi xde pun pic dia ngan wife..or maybe aku tak tgk betul2 sangat..partly sebab rase berdosa gugel gambar laki lain ..hahahahaha (encik hubby, pls be thankful that u have me as ur loyal and legal wedded wife :p)

Tapi aku ade sesuatu yg aku nak cerita..

Through his song, the first song that I fell in love with..that brought me tears upon hearing the lyrics, is the song titled 'Insyallah'.
And Subhanallah..the lyrics moved me. And thought me lots of things..a lot!..
Somehow..through his words, I managed to turn my life around. Just before being introduced, I was so emotional and scared to what was going on..and what will become of me..adam n the baby..but the words..the particular words 'Insyallah, you'll find your way' somehow turns out to be a doa.

I'm not sure if I've found my way yet..but I'm pretty sure that 'Insyallah we'll find our way'..and I'll put my trust in Him (Allah), raise my hands and pray..coz He is so near and never far away..

This is a damn good song. It moved people. It is easy to singalong and easy enough for primary school kids to memorize by heart. Really. (So ape lagi artis baru, sila contohi ok? kih kih)

En. Suami baru ni pergi mengajar di Al-Amin. While letting the standard 1kids work on some team projects, he put on Maher Zain cd and turn on 'Insyallah'..and my..all, everyone of the kids (there were bout 300 of them in the hall) sang together like they are singing ABC! Aku tatau la sebenanye diorang paham ke tak kan..tapi xpe, itu blakang kira..haha

Adam pun dah pandai dah ckp 'Subhanallah, Walhamdulillah, Wa La IlahaIlallah, Wallahuakbar' plus 'Insyallah'. hehe..not that clear la..mostly ujung2 nye je, tapi jadila kan utk permulaan buat kanak2 yg berumur 1tahun 7bulan :)

And another fav song is 'Allahi YaAllah Kiya Karo'. Adam always mintak ulang..' Ummi, Karo!!' hahaha...Maher Zain got an infant for his fan..he should be proud :D (uh, aku pun terhapal tapi x paham maksud :p)

Anyways..just to sebar2kan the good words in this song..I've attached the clip for 'Insyallah'..enjoy! :D

Cucuk 18bulan (DPT/OPV) - Booster 1

Tadi gi Azzahrah jumpe DR.Paed anak bujang ku si Adam. Member dah 19bulan sebenanye tapi baru nak amik cucuk ni..hihi..teruk betul umi ngan abi nih :p

Dia tau dah nak kena cucuk ..belum cucuk lagi dah jerit2 'nak tuyunnn nak tuyunn!' (nak turun katil). Tapi bila dah cucuk nangis kejap dlm 10saat pastu terus main2 dengan segala menan yg ada dlm bilik dokte tuh..ok la tu, kate lelaki kan..kena la tough sket..cewaahh

Pastu dokte timbang..o'oo..baru 9kilo??? Ni perbualan aku ngan dokte tadi

Dokte: Ha? 9kilo? Dah 1tahun 7bulan kan??
Aku: Ha'a ..cemana eh dokte?
Dokte: Dia x makan ke? Dia bleh makan dah ni, satu hari 2 kali makan nasik
Aku: Oh..dia makan dokte, tapi kdg2 1hari 3 kali, selalunye 4kali
Dokte: Ha? Oh..ok la tu! Dia aktif kot??
Aku: Ha'ah mmg sgt aktif..

Tak lama lepas tu

Aku: Dokte..cemana eh nak bagi dia tambah berat? (dah byk kali kot tanya haha)
Dokte: Cube try bagi mkn multivitamin
Aku: Mmg ade bagi
Dokte: Ha try bagi yg ade lysine

Hmm..ok, so lepas abis Adam punye Multivitamin yg Abott nih aku nak kena try beli hat yang ada lysene pulak..cyba try test tengok!

Pastu lagi..

Aku: Dokte, cucuk ni selalu budak demam x? (sebabnye parents aku ckp cucuk 18bulan selalu x demam pun)
Dokte: Huih mmg..cucuk yg kali ni biase mmg budak akan demam. Tips nye, japgi balik..lepas makan terus bagi makan ubat. Selalunye kalau bagi ubat demam 1dos lps cucuk, budak jarang la demam..
Aku: Oooo ok

Haha..becok ye mulut uminye? Dah kata jumpa Paed kan, mestila tanye byk2. Klu x rugi je bayar RM130 tadi (Abinye la yg bayar tapi haha) :p

Pas sampai rumah, aku terus goreng mi cintan taruk telur, chicken ball ngan celery. Kenapa goreng mi? Sebab mamat ni mmg lagi suka mi dari nasik...and pagi tadi dia makan telur rebus stengah biji jek..nasi lemak takmo..

And alhamdulillah skang Adam dah pandai suap sendiri..pakai tangan pun bleh..pakai sudu garpu (ikea) pun bleh..yey Adam!!

Khusyuk makan megi goreng

P/s Hari ni Kak Opin n family balik Uk dah..haih..kejap je kan..dah la jadi mangsa banjir lak tu..dugaan ..(tapi budak2 tu sonok kot bleh mandi banjir? heheh)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Karenah budak tecit umur 1tahun 7bulan..

Mmg setiap hari jadi rutin aku la utk call bibik dr opis tanya psl Adam. Ala2 spotcheck gitu kih kih..Tadi call bibik..bibik cerita..

Ummi: Bik, Adam ok ke? Berak cair mcm semalam lg? (oh lupa nak mention, smlm dia berak cair..tapi 4-5 kali je x risau sgt. Org tua2 kata klu berak camtu selalunye budak nak pandai hehe)

Bibik: Ha ok, dia tidur tu. Berak dah ok la, x cair mcm semalam.

Ummi: Oh ok la tu..dia dah makan ke? Makan ape? banyak ke? (macam polis kan? haha)

Bibik: Makaan..banyak. Kita taruk nasik ngan ayam. Pastu dia jerit ckp 'uminyee!! uminyee!!' Kompius la kejap. Pastu bawak dia gi dapur tunjuk dia nak apa..terus tunjuk kicap!! Taruk je kicap. abis 2 pinggan nasik.

Ummi: (ok, aku dah guling2 gelak dah masa ni) laa..nak makan kicap mcm sy makan semalam la tuuu..hahaha suka kicap pulak si adam nih..

Hmm..dah besar dah si tecit nih.. :)
Baby dlm perut ni pun dah start tendang kuat2. Abinye x caye bile kite kata baby dah start tendang. Semalam masa baby tendang2, terus suh dia taruk tangan atas perut..haaa, terbeliak biji mata!! ahahaha..

p/s: harini kije pulak la sorang nih lepas cuti deepavali..jenuh nak backup..takpe, harini hari dia..satgi bulan 3 aku cuti 2 bulan wakakaka

Monday, November 08, 2010


Ye skang ni asek lapar aje...apsal tah..haha tapi kena control sbb klu bleh xmau lagi la nek berat sampai 20 kilo pls..nak turun nnti susah gile ok..

Hmm..malam tadi Adam nangis lagi sbb x bagi bf..tapi last2 dia minum jugak fm..
tapi mcm kesian pulak kat dia..nak marah pun la, ummi pun paham..since birth till 18th months old dia akan bf sebelum tido. Takdak bf x lena u'olls..

So cemana pun dia ngamuk n nangis, ummi xkan marah..just peluk2 n ingatkan yg nenen dah abis, Adam pun dah big boy..nanti nak dpt adik pulak..things like dat..
I know la he may not understand, but eventually he will :) insyallah..

Gambar sume ade dlm laptop yg encik suami bwk takdela gambar nak memeriahkan suasana..mlm ni la insyallah update utk esok hehe..

P/s: smlm ikut En. Suami test slide kat Marriot Putrajaya sbb harini dia nak kena bg talk..first presentor tuhh..uuu...ramai gak participant, adela dlm 150pax..uuu..tahniah En. Suami

oh lagi satu..kat rumah dah xleh pggl Abang dah..satgi Adam pun ikut pggl Abi dia 'Abang' kena panggil Abi jugak lah..alkisahh..

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Weaning Baby off Your Milk – How to Stop Breastfeeding

Adam makan Oreo!

Ok, this may seem weird to some parents yg mmg nak anak dia bf for at least 2years..
In my case, ye ..itu mmg cita2 aku (and I know its the same for most parents out there kan?)..tapi cam tetibe aku terpregnant pulak adik adam..haha

Aku dah consult Dr. Faz, Gynae aku kat Azzahrah. Dia kata, takpe bf dulu..tapi once dah 7mnths pregnant kena stop dah.

So now aku dah 5months 2weeks. And mmg dah kene start la gradually stop kan dia dr bf. Kalau ade yang ikut blog aku ni pahamla Adam cemana kan..mmg dari semahal2 susu sampai semurah2 susu..dari semahal2 botol sampai semurah2 botol..Adam tetap pilih bf (well, what can i say? he knows which has the best quality haha). And kalau fm pun, dia cuma nak anmum dan wide neck bottles. Nipples mesti Mam!

Ok, back to square 1. Sebenanye ade banyak cara nak stop bf ni. The top 3 ways are:

1. Take a short break from the baby
Option yang ni, firstly kena ada mental yang kuat..sbb bkn senang nak berjauhan dgn baby kite yg comel lote tu kan. And secondly, option ni stengah research kate akan ade long term side effect on the baby secara emotionally. Ye la logik la..mestila baby tu nervous bila ummi dia xde depan mata..tercarik2 baby tu bau ummi dia kan..

Option ni, bagi aku..boleh la kot kalau nak diikut, tapi aku x berapa sokong.

2. Apply some bitter tasting liquid/texture on the Bbs before bf
Haha..option ni aku dah dgr ramai org guna. Taruk minyak cap kapak la..ape la..tapi setahu aku..susah nak menjadi. Kalau budak tu x meraung2, budak tu akan ignore je taste yg pelik tu dan tetap akan terus bf. Pastu aku takut gak..kalau taruk ntah ape bende, sakit perut pulak baby tu kang..ummi jugak yg susah hati kan hehe..

Option ni kelaka..selalu gak org buat

3. Slowly stop offering bf
Slowly tu maksudnye gradually..haha apetah..
Takde, maksudnye, memula bulan pertama jgn biasakan dia bf siang. Btau dia malam je boleh.
Pastu bile dia dah x bf siang, alternate la..satu malam bagi, satu malam x bagi..then terusla xyah bagi. Btau baby, dia dah besar nak dpt adik dah..minum susu botol ye sayang? susu ummi abis..

Aku ikut option yang ketiga ni. Option ni pun kena kuat mental gak..sbb memule tu baby akan nangis2 nak 'nenen' (kdg2 ngamuk terusss). Once kita bagi, dah susah dah nak start balik utk x bf malam esoknye.

Anyway..malam tadi 3rd nite Adam x bf. Memule nangis2 gak..tapi bile dah pujuk2..dia sendiri cakap 'nenen abis', capai susu botol dan minum. Sambil2 tu aku peluk2, dzikir2, tepuk2..sampai dia tertidur..Alhamdulillah..

Aku rasa nak jadi Ummi mmg kena kuat mental kan? kalau tak..haiyyooo...haha tatau nak kate.
Jomlah ummi2 sekalian..lets be happy and be strong! :D

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Adam's milestones..

1.Adam dah besar dan dah makin gemuk pun..Alhamdulillah..
Ummi tgh ajar adam minum from the bottle instead of bf. Tapi mcm kesian..sbb bf is good for him, cuma aku la x larat..

2.Pagi tadi masa Adam ngan bibik nak gi taman, Adam dtg ckp 'babaaii' ..pastu jalan sikit, angkat tangan ckp 'akum!!' hahahaha..belajar dr tv la tu :p

3.Cakap banyak..dlm byk2 yg aku paham..ade jugak dia selit bahasa sendiri kdg2 :P nak kate german x jugak, more to like japanese/korean haha

4.Dah kate anak lelaki kan, mmg la makin lasak..lagi2 time tidur..tapi sebbaikla bile tgk pusar dia ade 1 je..kalau 2?? wushh

5.Suka makan potato, carrot, broccoli, mihun, spegeti, kueteow, nasi, chicken ball, fries ngan burger..uh mcm2 lagi lah..kalau tgk org makan, dia pun nak..selalu kitorang letak dia atas highchair n bg pinggan satu, nanti dia suaplah sendiri..cume bile dia malas je dia akan suh org lain suapkan :p

6.Suka main dengan kanak2 lain..x takut org..speshly jiran blakang rumah ni. Anak jiran ni darjah 5, nama Mia..every evening Adam akan jerit dr rumah 'miaaaa..jom!!' haha..ajak gi taman ngan bibik hehe

7.Suka nyanyi..suka ikut org nyanyi..and kdg2 buat lagu sendiri..kalau dia nak tido kite suh nyanyi, nanti dia nyanyi la 'lalalala' ke ape2 lagu lain ke hahaha..mmg lawak

8.Suka makan jelly. Aku ade buat jelly tapi x sedap sbb campur oren ngan sirap. Org lain xnak makan kecuali Adam...hehe terharu okeh

9.Kalau balik dr opis, Adam mesti lari2 kat pintu sambil jerit 'tuci!!!tucii!!' (kunci)..pastu gelak2..hmm mmg stress cemana pun haritu mesti tetibe hilang mcm tu je :p

10.Masih kompius antara van, bas, lori dan texi haha

p/s: lepas besalin aku kena cr kije lain..sape2 tau mana ade vacancy btau aku ye :D