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Monday, January 31, 2011

Checkup 35weeks

Hari Sabtu gi checkup dgn Dr. Faz kat Azzahrah.
Rupenye skang ni diorang dah tukar style, kalau dulu first come first serve..sekarang ni tidak lagi. Dan yg best nye aku tatau pun psl ni..huhu..

Kitorang sampai kul 9, terus gi register.
Maka berdailog la aku ngan si nurse..

nurse: puan punye appt pukul 12
aku: ha'a..jadinye?
nurse: mule bulan 1 ni kite dah start ikut time dlm kad appt
aku: 8/1 haritu appt dlm kad kata kul 10..tapi saya masuk kul 1..harini saya dah dtg awal, takkan xleh bg masuk cepat kot?
nurse: jap (sambil masuk panggil sorang lg nurse)

sorang lagi nurse ni dtg sambil wat muke
nurse: puan kene masuk ikut time dlm kad
aku: saya dah dtg awal, takkan nak suh balik kot?
nurse: kalau ade slot boleh lah..kalau xde kul 12 lah

mesti la aku stress kan..Azzahrah ni memang tau..dokte bukan main baik, nurse dia yg suke wat slack cenggini..bukan la sume nurse, tapi yg 3-4 org tu yg buat kite geram..

mcm masa aku bersalin haritu..bayangkan, nurse x cuci alat2 bersalin..nasib baik dokte perasan bende2 tu x basuh, terus suruh nurse tu ganti dgn yg baru masa aku nak bersalin..
ye la..takkan dia nak gune bende yg x cuci nak tlg aku bersalin kan?

tapi dokte mmg tiptop..speshly Dr Faz :)

so sementara tggu kul 12 tu, sempat la kitorang bfast kat bangi kopitiam (tempat febret laki i)..pastu beli2 sikit brg2 adik yg lom setel kat manjaku..

sedar2 je dah kul 11..x jadi balik putrajaya, terus tggu je la dlm azzahrah..
pehh..kate ikut turn kan?..alih2, kul 12.30 baru leh masuk..takpela..sebbaikla dokte baik..

bile dokte scan dia tgk baby mmg head down and dah mula nak turun bawah..tapi dokte kata baby ni kecik jugak..sbb bile scan, tgk perut baby dlm 33-34minggu je..dokte kata mungkin 'faktor genetik' kot..sbb umi ngan abi dia pun x besar mana kan :p kihkihkih..

risau gak sebenanye..cume dokte kata air ketuban ok, pundi kencing baby pun dah nampak so insyallah air ketuban xde masalah..
cuma dokte suh monitor pergerakkan baby dari 9pagi-9malam, cukup x 10kali dia kalau dia aktif je xyah buang masa, ajar adam mengira lagi bagus (ni dokte yg kata tau hehe)

so next appt 19/1 kul 10 pagi..ingat ye, 10pagi..


oh, kan haritu aku ckp nak besalin kat PJH kan? (putrajaya hospital) bila call spital diorang cakap kene ade referral letter dari Azzahrah and kene dtg utk register nama kat counter..counter dibuka Isnin dan Jumaat masa jumpe Dr.Faz tu dah request and tadi baru dpt call kata surat dah siap..

sebbaik la diorang bukak CNY ni walaupun sampai kul 12 jek..bleh la aku amik surat n bagi kat PJH isnin depan insyallah..

oh..cepat la cuti 2 bulan..bosan dah ni dok opis :p kuikuikui

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Doa buat Alanna

Walaupun terlambat tapi takpe, bile korang baca je post ni sila la sedekahkah Alfatihah buat arwah k?

aku terlambat la baca blog ni, aku terstumble blog ni masa jalan2 tadi..
wpun kat opis, aku tetap baca blog (bukan curi tulang ok, tapi release stress sikit2 hehe)

korang bace la

kepada blog owner, kalian sangat tabah!
aku x mampu nak bayangkan pun kalau bende yg sama jadi kat aku..sungguh!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adam will officially be a Dutch Lady 123 baby starting next week!

Well, this post is kinda susulan dari post :

Adam is now 100% on formula milk, alhamdulillah..
Which advise did I follow?? The option number 3

3. Slowly stop offering bf

Yes, I did it my way :P slowly..very2 slowly..started main2 in March 2010 (sbb kije kat airasiax and jauh sgt nak balik lunch utk bfeed adam, tp weekend mmg fully bfeed) and buat betul2 in October 2010 and Adam graduated breastfeeding somewhere in December 2010. Congratulations Adam!!

So here is the stages yang I practiced..nak ikut bleh, nak buat cara sendiri pun bleh..

March 2010 (Adam is 11months)
Weekdays - bf nite time only
Weekends/cuti - bf fully

October 2010 (Adam at 1year 6months)
Weekdays/Weekends - bf nite time only

early December 2010 (Adam at 1year 8months)
no bf only formula milk (fm) -anmum

all in all, we took our was about a 10mnths journey for both us baby n mom :) but finally Adam did it :D

yes, masa nak tidur he cried for bf..but I talked to him a lot..
I know he is just a baby, but I also knew that he understands..I told him that he is going to be a big brother..and his little 'adik' needs mommy's milk to grow inside mommy's tummy..and just like him when he got out, the little adik will still need mommy's milk until he grows and becomes very pandai just like Adam..

I also tell him that I love him, his Abi loves him and even little adik loves him..
And just before sleeping, I sang him zikr fatimah (which he now can follow), practised doa tidur, recite alfatihah and other surah untill he fell asleep..

He is a very good little boy, and can easily understand stuff..which means that as parents, we need to be really carefull in our sayings and doings coz he is a real copycat! :D

And about his choice of fm? First when we started on fm it was anmum..then early this month, Kak zai at work told me that her doter drinks Dutch lady 123 and that she loves them.
So I bought a packet of chocolate flavor to substitute Milo 3in1 and 1 big packet of original flavour. And guess what?? Miraculously Adam loves both!!! yeayy to Ummi's and Abi's pocket :P hehehe

So next week, no more anmum, Adam will start on Dutch Lady 123! Congrats Adam! muahs!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Alhamdulillah, I got what I wished for.

Went to eat lontong at PJ then went off with hubby to fabulous mom :D
Got both the stuff mentioned in

plus this one : yeah, I dunno how long I'll bfeed adik using my Medela harmony..but rather than buying those small milk bottles, I prefer to buy these coz its cheaper!

Talking bout my Medela harmony..thinking of changing it to double mini e, but very2 expensive!
so..maybe later lah :D

And bout the bengkung modern, there were 2 salesgirls in the shop. 1 was trying to persuade me to get M or L size, another hinted that lots of customers came back to change to XL.

The first girl is saying like 'kalau ur waistline before preggy is 28-30 better u buy M size..u know..its not good if u buy big ones..early part ok la..but later u gotta come back n buy a new one coz we dont have a refund policy yada yada yada..'

The second one said 'tapi kak, ramai customer kite yg dtg balik utk beli XL..'

The bengkung covers from under my breasts to just above my thigh..and knowing the size of my backside, I dont dare to underestimate my size :p..furthermore, when I had Adam, I bought the normal bengkung (it comes with amway set) didnt fit at the backside part. We had to go and buy the herbal type but I didnt like it much coz it wasnt tight enuff..and difficult and short. It only covers the belly area..what about my backside kan?? I want that to shrink jugak :P

The second girl then kindly opened the XL bengkung and showed me that it was kinda small as well..someone else will have to help me to tarik the bengkung kuat-kuat in order to make it fit me..

So considering all those stuff I decided to buy XL :). And if later I shrink, maybe I'll donate it to my mom pulak hehe..pastu beli premium beautiful (haha kaya gila kah??? :p)

Well on another note..Hubby is going away for a week to PD this evening and next wk he'll be off to Johor, Kelantan and Terengganu..hopefully I don't pop while he is away..sigh~

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I wish for..

ok, announcing my 34th weeks..and these are what I'm currently wishing for..
For those yang had some experience with these..please please lemme know ur reviews k? tq!

Oppo - Maternity Belt

Fabulous Mom - Post Partum Tummy Binder *Bengkung* (Extra Long)

More details at

And bout the modern bengkung set, there is another online shop selling them but triple the current price at fabulous mom..

is it that good? anyone have tried??

Celcom GREAT SALE is back and it's bringing you the best deals ever! Head over to #CelcomGreatSale today!

Celcom GREAT SALE is back and it's bringing you the best deals ever! Head over to #CelcomGreatSale today!

Friday, January 21, 2011

ChurpChurp - Nuffnang

I know..maybe I'm outdated haha..but don't care, today I want 2 talk about this bird..

There's this cute li'l bird I've been looking at for the past months in Nuffnang, but never had the urge to do anything about it.
However, today..I suddenly felt sick of my job in the office (maybe its due to the hormones..yaaa..salahkan hormon!! wakaka) I did some bloghopping and hopped into nuffnang.

Magically, my hormones says 'Go on!! Click the bird!!' so I did..and I registered..and linked it with nuffnang :P (rajin taaak? haha)

So this is the bird I'm babbling abt:

Its a way to earn more!
There are a couple of campaigns which u can share and can earn RM0.20 per clicks. You can share the topics via a couple of ways (tweet/fb/ym etc).

And since I'm in the office, I can't share via FB (my PC and only PC is dengki kan??)
I decided to blog about it :)

So come the advert, make use of the 'churpchurp!!'

Want to find out if you’re living a healthy lifestyle? Take a profile test to a journey of self-discovery and improvement. #NestleProfiler

Want to find out if you’re living a healthy lifestyle? Take a profile test to a journey of self-discovery and improvement. #NestleProfiler

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

33 going to 34..soon 36..

I'm currently 33weeks going on 34weeks in a few days.
The baby is fine..moving around actively..very very actively :P.

I don't think I have to worry about that..but what worries me now is, I think this time I'm going for an early delivery..Oh no..please no!!

Coz now, I have difficulties walking after a long time sitting in front of the pc in the actually hurts down there ok..does this means that the baby is already engaged? ready to come out??

I hope its normal and I'll deliver at least by my 36th week..I really hope so!

My next appt with my gynae is 29th Jan, which will be in my 35th week. Hubby will be going to PD 23rd -25th and he'll be going to Johor 30th - 1st Feb.

I'm freaking out!! I really2 pray that I dont have to deliver while he is of the reason is that I'll be going to Hospital Putrajaya this time around. And being a gomen hospital, only husbands are allowed in the labour room..if he is not around, then who will??

uh uh..anyone has any experience in Putrajaya Hospital? Appreciate if can get some feedback :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Riddles Tag dari Angah

Cik Angah..meh aku buat..kompem aku dapat cheesecake!! waakakaka

1.what is the longest word in the English language?
Smiles - because 'a mile' exists between the 2 s-s

2- why is the letter "T" like an island? (with reason)
Because its in the middle of waTer

3- what 5 letter word becomes shorter when you add 2 letters to it? (with reason)

the word "short" becomes [the word] "shorter" when u add two letters [e-r] to it

4- what starts with "T" , ends with "T" and is full of "T"?
A TeapoT

5- what 2 words contain the most letters?
Post Office

Ha ape lagi angah? mane cheesecake? wakaka

Preparation for my 2nd Son - Adik Adam (nama belum finalize :p)

Dah masuk 33minggu, tapi barang-barang baby n ummi belum prepare lagi, apetah lagi nak taruk beg dlm kereta kan..wakaka..

kot tetibe terbesalin?? huhh..mampuih jugak..
ni encik husband ni bleh pulak kene pegi Tgganu ujung bulan, time tu dah le ade 35th weeks appt..kalau aku ikut, kalau terbesalin pulak kat sane? adoyai..

Hmm..xpela..meh sini aku tempek ape yg nak kene prepare..sume2 ni diambil dr blog

Bahagian pertama- senarai lengkap barang2 keperluan asas baby dan ibu .

Bahagian kedua –senarai barang2 yg penting / perlu dibawa ke hospital..

1) Pampers - kena beli ni newborn punya..*dah*

2) Kain Bedung - adam punye ade 2-3 lai..aku beli lagi 2lai kot..

3) Kain Barut - ni pun aku beli dlm 5 lai kot

4) Kain Lampin - ni 1 set, sbb adam dulu dah beli*dah*

5) Baju T-shirt baby - 2 helai lengan pendek + 2 helai lengan panjang (Adam punye comott)*dah*

6) Seluar Baby - 2 helai seluar pendek + 2 helai seluar panjang (ni pun sama..comott)*dah*

7) Sarung kaki dan sarung tangan - 3 pasang*dah*

8) Topi kain - 1lai je lah..rase xyah pun xpe kot..

9) Tuala mandi baby - 2 helai*dah*

10) Tuala muka - 3 lai (1set)

11) Selimut baby

12) Set tidur baby - ni pakai Adam punye je

13) Alas getah/ changing mat ( 1 helai) - guna Adam punya jugak*dah*

14) Tab mandi baby - ada dah

15) Set mandian baby - ni pun bleh share ngan Adam

16) Tisu basah - ni kena beli

17) Cotton Ball + putik kapas - ni pun kena

18) Bekas bedak - ni xyah..anak i x pakai bedak2 ni..kehkehkeh*xyah*

19) Minyak Telon / YuYi - ha petang ni gi beli kat pasar malam

20) Botol susu baby (utk standby) - ha ni beli jugak lah, plus kena tambah yg Adam punya*dah*

21) Beg isi barang2 baby - ni guna beg Adam je


1) Minyak & Air selusuh - Air selusuh mcm xnak je..minyak ade dah dlm set NR harituh

2) Kain Bengkong - ha ni kena cari xl kot wakaka

3) Stokin ( 3 helai) - a'a ni pun kena beli

4) Pad biasa / Maternity Pad - ni beli 2 terus*dah*

5) Set bersalin ( jamu2) - NR *dah*

6) Tungku ( batu/ garam bukit) - ade kat mjang, kali ni aku pakai yg letrik punye je kot

7) Pati ikan haruan - ha ni nnti aku beli

8) Jeli Gamat - x beli pun harituh..kena ek?

9) Set Pam susu – medela mini e

10) Bakul - bakul?


1) Kad Pengenalan

2) Kad Merah ( kad lawatan klinik)

3) Baju/ Blouse ( 5 helai) - byk org suh beli baju butang depan..tapi ikut pengalaman aku, baju tshirt yg xde butang2 tu lg senang..

4) Kain Batik ( 3 helai)

5) Baju / Seluar Dlm ( 5 helai)

6) Tudung

7) Stokin

8) Tuala Mandi / Tuala muka

9) Peralatan Mandi (sabun, ubt gigi, pencuci muka, dll)

10) Materninty Pad

11) Selipar

12) Sweater @ baju sejuk

13) Minyak angin

14) Air Zam-zam / Air selusuh

15) Termos Air panas

16) Makanan / Minuman ( roti, kurma ,susu, air masak)

17) Al-Quran / tafsir

18) * Majalah / buku

19) *Camera / Handphone (utk rakam detik2 indah)

** semua barang2 ibu dimasukkn dlm bakul **


1) Pampers baby – bawa dlm 6 helai

2) Baju – 4 helai ( 2panjang + 2 pendek)

3) Stokin / sarung tgn - 4 pasang

4) Topi – 1 helai

5) Selimut / bendung – 2 helai

6) Barut – 5 helai

7) Set mandian

8) Tuala mandi

9) Tisu Basah.

10) Minyak telon /Yuyi..

11) Cotton Ball / Putik kapas

** barang2 baby dimasukkn dlm beg**

uh...banyaknye brg nak cari ek? sape nak derma? meh la..amat dialu-alu kan..wakaka

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nak promote satu blog best....

Ini blog adik ipar saya.
Kalau ade peminat dok area Putrajaya, bleh contact me directly k?

Blog ni jual handbag/purse/clutch dan brg2 yang berkenaan.
I've seen/touch/smell the material as sangat2 puas hati ok! :)

So klu mmg korang nak cari these things..sila la masuk blog nih:

Harga pun ok..cuma x branded kalau nak yang branded, try la request kat tuan blog yang sweet dan baik ati :)

Antara brg2 yg aku minat is:

Cun kan??? Ape lagii..sila la masuk :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Weekend

Started of with me n hubby going to my 32weeks pregnancy checkup at Azzahrah with Dr. Faz on Saturday morning. Bertolak kul 9, tapi checkupnye dlm kul 11 gitu..stended ah Azzahrah, tapi xpe je sbb Dr. Faz best :).

Balik dr Azzahrah gi KWSP kiosk kat RHB Bangi utk amik EPF statement, balik rumah tgk Adam pastu terus gi amik TBE Exam kat St. John. Sesat punye sesat, akhirnya sampai la masuk xm lepas 10minit org dah stat haha..

Pastu balik rumah, mama ngan abah ajak gi tgk rumah kat P17. Bawak adam la..dia sgt hepi sbb dpt tgk tasik.

Abis tu lepas solat maghrib gi makan kat Saba' Cyberjaya with my Inlaws. Best :D la..lama x jumpa..pastu dah alang bday si Apiah n Chop, aku belanje kek secret recipe 'Cappuccino Cheese'. Sedappp!

Masa on the way tu mmg pasan badan adam dah suam2 dah..balik makan tu terus sumbat ubat demam. Tapi nak jd cerita, the whole nite badan dia panas lepas subuh terus bawak dia gi Emergency at Hospital Putrajaya. Temp dia masa tu 39.9c (dekat 40'c kan?). Dokte suruh bukak baju sume and gi toilet bagi mandi from head to toe. Jerit2 la mamat tuh..tapi nak bagi turun temp punya pasal kitorang mandikan je jugak..sian kan dia?

And lepas tu Adam kene pakai nebulizer 1 time sbb dokte takut dia kena Athma attack masa kat rumah. Kesian, rimas kot pakai nebulizer tuh..nangis2 sampai tetido mamat tuh..

Dokte bagi ubat demam n ubat yg masuk bontot tuh..

Harini..adam dah ok sket la..tapi aku risau sebenanye..
sebab masa gi tgk rumah p17 tu adam byk kali kene gigit nyamuk..hmm..ishh..harap xde ape2 la kan :(

and aku pun terpaksa EL..rasa kejam gile kalau gi opis gak wpun tahu si anak kecik tu demam gile kan..takpe la bos nak marah pun..nak wat cemana..haih..

bos jgn marah ye? saya kije kontrak je..jgn terminatekan kontrak saye tau sbb sy byk amik cuti..huhu..lgpun saya kije ni utk anak2 saya bos..huhuhuhu

Friday, January 07, 2011

Takaful Basic Examination

Slip exam!!

haha..nampak ke slip xm tu? mcm terkecik plak..

haa..xm ape? xm laa..aku kan nak jadi agent insurance takaful ikhlas..tapi buku pun x baca lagi..
korang tlg la doa2 utk aku ye.. (Dinie la yg cucuk aku nihh :P kihkihkih)

Bila?? esok kul 2.30ptg..jomm..

Nanti kalau aku lulus, korang xyah cari2 dah agent takaful ikhlas..korang bleh beli insurance dgn aku je ye :)..aku akan buat sedaya upaya supaya menjadi seorang agent yg terbaeekk!! (hihi semangat x? ye la..sume demi masa depan anak2 ku jua)

yours truly,
ummi Adam dan Adik @ bini Yeh

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My Little Angel..

Don't u ever let anyone put u down..coz ur my little angel :)

Terbaca post Shila, terpanggil pulak utk bercerite perangai2 Adam..kihkihkih

1. Suke sembunyi kan barang - paling teruk, sembunyikan kunci kereta dlm peti ais kat tempat sayur..bawah sekali ok?

2. Suke digaru..sebelum tido ummi kene garu dulu kat mane2 tempat dia rasa gatal

3. Suke tiru org cakap - ni bahaya ok :P

4. Selambe je ikut sesape yang kate 'jom!' - ni lagi bahaya..hadoii..

5. Sebelum tido wajib azan dulu (versi adam)..lepas azan baca doa tido..pastu becakap dan menyanyi sampai tertido..

6. kalau kire dlm english 'two, four, five six, seben, ett, nine, ten'..kalau dlm bm 'empat tiga, empat tiga'

7. suke dapat pen ngan kertas..tapi nanti suruh org yang tolong lukis

8. suke baring bawah meja

9. suke tiru princess (kucing aku), suke buli princess..dia sebut princess dan sume kucing lain 'cicess!'

10. tanyela ape pun kat adam, gerenti dia jawab..cuma paham x paham je :P

11. suke baby - harap2 dia suke la adik dia nanti

12. gi mane2 kang tetibe nak pakai kopiah/ harus ade spare dalam beg

13. sangat suke lori bas kereta motosikal - ye, dia x sebut moto..tapi motosikal

14. suke buat lagu sendiri, bagi je satu perkataan contoh bas..dan dia akan nyanyi lagu gubahan sendirik :P

15. pandai mengorat anak dara org - yang kecik..mahupun yang sebaya dgn aku :P

haa..15 lah dulu..aku pun nak kena naik bilik..abi mesti dah penat kene buli ngan adam..kui kui kui

Monday, January 03, 2011

Azam tahun baru

Image: credit to encik Google

Seingat aku la..aku ni x penah take serious pasal azam n cita2..haha..jujur nih, teruk kan? :P
Tapi now things have changed..aku dah kawen, anak nak masuk kene la ade azam dan cita2 and kena la take things seriously..betul x?

ok..presenting, my azam tahun baru 2011 :D

1. Nak jadi Isteri, Ummi dan anak yg solehah
2. Nak didik Adam n Adik jadi anak2 yg soleh, yang pandai, yang mendengar kata, yang bagi sejuk ati sume org, yg bg sejuk mata memandang..ahhaha byk kan?
3. Nak beli rumah
4. Nak kije elok2
5. Nak beli kereta besar sikit :P (ye aa..kang nak gi memane susah pulak nak naik Kelisa tuh..dah la baru ni kene hit n run :(..sedih i)
6. Nak jadi seorang yang happy
7. Nak kena belajar jadi penyabar
8. Nak kurangkan ckp2 yang x elok
9. Nak tingkatkan amal ibadah..huhu

kih kih kih..aku pun xtau ape lg azam aku..nanti kalau ade lagi aku tambah (haha bleh ek main tambah2? :P)

Aku minggu ni dah 31weeks pregnen..tapi nama x pk lagi utk Adik..
sape2 ade suggestion??

Aku nak nama yang ade maksud dan international..mcm Adam, mcm Sara..aa mcm tu laa..hik hik hik..

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Tahun baru..

takde ape la nak diulas..just that ppl change, some for the better..some for the worst..
menyesal? ade ..

so what now? maybe aku kot yg kene change 2011..for the better insyallah :)