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Friday, July 02, 2004


lately.. comes the truth ..not that anybody cared..but i really need someone ( a friend?) to talk to rite now (since i dont have any..blogging becomes my hobby)..

teusday evening .. received an sms from tim saying that she has been accpeted in unimas to do degree in counselling..congrats tim :). so later in the, mun n shy went to tim's house to spent the night..a very enjoyable night..with the only ppl i know who really really excepted me as who i am (no offence to anyone though)..

we spent the whole night laughing an teasing each other while helping tim arranging her clothes in the big bag she'll be bringin..well..its hard..she looks kinda sad..but we know she'll be ok over there..

alahai..missing the old times me, tim n shy used to have.. comes the tears..
the memories shared worth every tears i shed..thanx for being my friend..thanx for being very supportive and understanding..thanx for listening and all the advice..
well..times goes by..n not long we'll be no more 'anak dare' ..eheh..alahai..
wonder if our dream to build a nursery will be fulfilled..eheh..gosh..i'm cryin'..

its oredi 1.30 am, i shd be sleeping i guess coz tmrw's class is at 9 am. but cant eyes r are always watery when i'm alone lately..the reason is that..i really felt like a nobody without friends..(and i never think of breaking someone elses friendship/relationships).. well..there are ppl with me most of the times..but i dont know whether they would like me to call them as friends..or not? what the heck..ppl are friends rite? the only way to get a friend is to be a friend..well i might have done lotsa things wrongly and dont know how to fix it back..yeah well..most ppl cant take it once we did something wrong..guess i have to let it be..

feelings are subjective to discuss rite? is it best to ignore them? well..whatever u matter what..u'll never be able to ignore a problem..u have to face it..guess i have to find ways to improve myself..i know i'm not well liked by my peers even though i'm surrounded by many.. but i really cant blame anyone..i just have to improve myself..and just have faith that some one will be able to accept me as who i really am ..

sorry is what best to everyone whom i've hurt or caused pain directly or indirectly.. and to anyone who really can't bear me..its ok..:)..

guess..i'm lost at words..i dunno..just wishing the same wish as everyone elses wish..'improve nad..improve..'..

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