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Monday, October 31, 2005


tendered my resignation today..finally my boss accepted the letter hehe..
had a good day at work, sebbaik ade kwn cam siva..edwin dan lain2..agak happening gak aa..

td first sunday dpt wat terase amazing!! haha..dpt 1 mortgage, 1 home insurance, 2 personal loan and 5 savings account..okla, xdela bos nak kate mentang2 nak resign dah tanak wat kije..kene jage face gak beb :D

mase break buke pose jumpe Dosh..haha die nak gak pinjam resignation letter, nak copy katenye..
aku xnak menginfluence klu nak blah jom je!

pastu dah abis kije agak sakit ati ngan seorang budak pempuan..


me, a, b and c tgh jln turun tangge nak balik ....

b: eh, u tendered oredi eh?
c: ya laa..u tendered oredi??!
me: yupp..mase start kije tadi she accepted my letter (grinning)
d: (shrug) i dont see the point y ppl resign..baik confirm je, 1 and 2 months notice doesnt make any difference the way i see it (shrug, while looking clever)
b: yupp, exactly..mane ade kije yg satisfy u the most? bla..bla..bla..
me: huh? what?..owh..well if u guys r in my shoes, u cant sleep at night..u r a mess, and u believe u can get job elsewhere..then..(looking blur, shrug)
b: (made a face, shrug which i think is 'whatever' nonverbally)..and walks away..

the thing is..aku dah bincang mende ni byk kali ngan 'd', and 'd' hated the job more than i do, and never gave a single advice bout not resigning..but cam apekah tetibe? i know she'd like to show ppl she is clever, well fine she is..but i dont quite agree with her ways..huh..whatever..

the point is aku dah rase lega..haha..tatau la..
aku pon tatau what i'm doing is right or wrong, i did istikharah, consult my parents, older relatives and some friends..and my feelings are more twds resigning, and rite now more interviews are coming my way..hope i get another job soon :)..

wish list:

kije with 9-5 working hrs (aboutla..)
do not deal directly with customers..
no interference with things that i'm supposed to do being a muslim..

is that too much to ask?hehe..that is a wish list..u wont get everything u want to be ur way, but u have to try rite?:D

i really do have to train myself to have more patience!

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