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Sunday, February 05, 2006


been 2 weeks in maersk..banyaknye test nak wat..kinda scared to start work tmrw sbb cam x paham sgt bout the shipping ind.
but anyhoot..better than hsbc..(tahbapekali dah mention haha)

so esok sit at our places which has been assigned..i'll be in between nell and i dunno to get to know ppl gurl!

baru jek tuka number..mesti most ppl is getting fed up coz dah banyak kali sgt tuka number..sorry guys :D

dunno wut to nag abt..just wondering if there is anyone at all in this world that would accept me as who i am..specially the fact that i am 'fat'?..or is that a bad thing?..i dunno..

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