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Monday, November 20, 2006

IT for Hafizah

Dear Friends

I'm currently working on a new project 'IT for Hafiz/Hafizah'.
Found out there's a new school in Keramat consists of 20 children.

This school will only take needy children who are serious in learning/memorizing the Qur'an.
They do not have much, but I am interested in getting them to know the computer; at least Microsoft Office.

Currently they only have 1 PC.
What they need in order for 'IT for Hafiz/Hafizah' to work is more PCs and people teaching them (voluntarily).

To those who are interested to work on this project together, please reply writer asap so we can organize a trip to see the kids and the school's condition.
Details of the school will be provided later to those who are interested.

Nad Az

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