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Monday, December 25, 2006


i'm never gonna forgive myself for writing today's blog for being soo damn low..but don't care

i'm a failure..y?

1. I started a project for Hafizah at Keramat but things did not turn out right..tak dapat pc pun and ppl volunteering in suddenly volunteer-out of the project due to no more volunteers

2. Today is my parents anniversary but they are not speaking to each other..dunt know why but I feel i'm a failure coz i can't do anything about that, what i only do today is mandi, eat, read my Rihard Carlson's book, online and pretend that i dont know anything

3. I've just moved out frm my rented room in Subang bcoz i dislike having an annoyingly irritating officemate living in the same hse..but I feel i'm a failure cos i moved out- instead of her moving out..

4. SPM and PMR? stooopid

5. I feel so bad coz I feel yeh is doing more hard work in the relationship..I'm sorry :(

6. I'm starting a sandwich business coz I'm fed up changing jobs. But I started too early and with no customers is delivery to cyber/putra, but kids in MMU/UPM/Sri Putri/ Alam Shah are not back yet frm holidays...well hopefully i can get the business running somewhere next mnth..

I received sms frm a person named Ali in UM wanting to join the business, and managed to get Zura to help out at MMU..Pn Rosliah of Cyberjaya Petronas asked me to come with the sample of these sandwiches on Wednesday..but i never can hope too much..

7. I can never get a job in Putrajaya/ Cyberjaya

I know the saying ' The end of the day, the person who wins, is the person who thinks he can..'

no comment...but maybe my stupid mood is influencing..

Most of all, Im reading an Internation Bestseller 'Dont Sweat the Small stuff..and it's all small stuff' by Richard Carlson..but me being me, i'm still feeling the way i feel..

owh..shake it off nad..

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