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Friday, September 09, 2011

HTC, iQuran :)

Alhamdulillah, hubby got me and his mama a gift the night before Raya :)

I got this : a HTC Incredible S (android yeyy!), and mama got my iPhone 3gs which I barely use for 3 months +-.

This is what I meant when I said things about sacrifice. He is not a millionairre, suffers financially just like most people..but when it comes to people he loves, he wants to give the best.

He had so long wanted to give mama a good phone, give his sister a good laptop..but there were always obstacles. But this time around, as Allah's will, he managed to give her the best phone ..the iPhone :)

And for me, he wants me to use HTC just like him..that is why he got me this.

Although this is not the best time to spend, but its the best time to get mama's blessings and prayers..Insyallah..

The application that I love most is this :

The words are clear, no need internet and I can just read the Quran anywhere, anytime!(oh, except the toilet etc lah kan hehe) I am really IN LOVE :)

See the words and translation:

Don't u just love the apps? :D

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