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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy 4th Anniversary to us :)

Let the pictures talk..and sing :)..
2003-2006 being special kinda friends hik hik hik..
2006 engaged
2007 married
2009 gave birth to Adam
2011 gave birth to Erfaan

2005 - MMU convo
2006 - engaged
The Ring!
2007 - i do =)
2008 - in Egypt
14th December 2009 - Muhammad Adam was born
15th February 2011 - Muhammad Erfaan was born
15th December 2011 :)
us all

Thank you dear husband for being with me trough thick n thin during these 4 years (actually 8 years la rasenye hahaha) ..LOVE U MUCH :)

Hope we'll stay happy together... forever n ever..aminn.. hik hik


ida_F said...

selamat ulangtahun ye. semoga selamanya hingga ke syurga.

nad said...

Tq..aminnn :)

ifazcollection said...

akak dah add entry awak..

no 47

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