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Saturday, October 16, 2004

little things..big things..

okie things are not going well lately specially with my dearest yeh..
seems since the day he board the plane to uk we've been having miscommunications..i guess i was at fault, but things get confusing when each of us felt we are at fault..and both are scared of losing each other..i dunno..

been calling him 2 times since last nite..which he..doesnt respond well..and..been smsing a lot..which he would be replying 1 or 2..
sigh..dunt know wuts epening 2 us..

yeah i know there are ups n downs in a relationship..and i hope our situation rite now wouldnt be the end of i am that scared of losing

*sad mode..n hoping things would get back to normal..and wondering whther i can turn back time?..huhu

wish list currently:
1. have money n permission to go meet him in uk even for a while..
2. be able to continue taking masters in uk with him
3. find a place for my industrial training
4. i want to pass all my subjects this sem without letting my cgpa go down..

crazy wish list huh? but this is what i want.. :(
plz plz plz..haish..

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