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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

sad 12/10 yeh is going away to uk on 12/10..and i'm not ok coz i know i'll be missing him lots..

hehe ppl..sowie lame x apdet! aa ni ha nak apdet neh :P

first of all this is one of my fav conversations with aisyah hehe:

nad : tah..kadang cam pk..its not worth to care..
nad : kan?
i-syah: yup
i-syah: its not worth to care for ppl yg tak appreciate kite
nad : yupp
nad : so i just have to apply the 'so-wut' attitude
nad : ignorance is bliss
i-syah: hmm..
i-syah: but sakit hati..
nad : yeah..
nad : but u feel hurt when u think bout it
nad : so..y think when u can just ignore
nad : rite?
i-syah: hmm.. can also
i-syah: but the problem is.. u can juz ignore it like a few sec n it came back to u later
nad : so..ignore it again
nad : until u eat ur heart out
nad : so..its better when u dont have a heart
nad : its better if u dont feel
i-syah: can also la like dat!
i-syah: i need to be a persoon without a heart so dat i cant feel nwthing
nad : yeah
nad : me: a person without a heart n a brain that doesnt function
nad : perfecto!
i-syah: i dont want like dat
i-syah: i want a person without heart but still has a feeling n brain to think ..
i-syah: can aa?
nad : yeah..of coz
nad : feel all u want using ur brain
nad : i think that wld make perfect sense
i-syah: ok.. ill try from today onwards
nad : no u cant
nad : coz u still have a heart
nad : and undeniable that u have a big one
i-syah: no become smaller u know
nad : serious?nad : cant u make it big again?
nad : or do u want me donate mine so that it becomes big again?
nad : i dont mind
nad : not at all
nad : my pleasure!
i-syah: no thanks!!
i-syah: i think small is enough
i-syah: it can grow bigger when the time come
i-syah: so no need to worry
nad : so when it'll be trouble n more trouble
nad : coz definitely it'll coz hurt again
i-syah: hope not nemore!
nad : so how now?
nad : yeah..perfect..when u have a big heart..u can hope!
nad : yey
i-syah: in dat case.. it can be like a ballon,. can grew bigger..then get smaller again.. but sumtime it burst in the air
nad : it burst?

ok..long oredi..after that we went on jadi gile talking bout these things..ehehe
currently life is not way no no

things to get done:
1. read chapter 1-4 for ethics
2. get the doc. prepared by fom latest by monday
3. get hold of any companies that r offering internships..[cyber n putra only plz]
4. print mr sonny's slides
5. go n get back cd from Dr Ali to see which 4 journals he approves of
6. prepare the ind. assignment at least 40% before the meeting with him
7. go n see Dr Ali on wednesday 4.30
8. remember the appointment at Ampang Puteri on Thurs after 2
9. have fun with yeh on sat n sunday..gosh..gonna reaally miss him..

haha..n siang td..met a friend [who currently makes one kinda face when ur if u smell or sumthing] n haha..had fun forcing her to talk like old did i do that?
by just pretending we were close friends like b4 n just chit chatting with her in front of other friends :D well, at first she was just..hmm ya..umm..owh..yupp thingy n ignoring questions asked by me..but later..haha..she learnt to relax..n treated me 'like' a friend. least its better than b4..i'm just so confused coz i dont know what went wrong between us..huhu wut..remember..apply my 'so-wut' attitude!!

.so-wut attitude activated..blogging paused.

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