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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


hsbc training..3rd day oredi..

kinda enjoying the training..but some ppl might call it boring..hehe
who dont want..u get to only listen n participate in some activities..n end of the month u get ur pay..

pay sikit xpe..coz cost pun sikit get to save as much ppl yg dpt 2++.

so..guess didnt make it to telekom 2nd shortlisted..hated the way they interviewed. the interviewer was late 2 had to be interviewed 2 ppl at once...both me and amy had very bad xp..the interviewer just looked at 1 person..and leave the other person blur..

but no hal la..xde rezeki then xpe so far so good lor..
ppl training in same batch r very wonderful ppl..a lot to learn from..

in class 114..most of us loves arts!! it was fascinating to see ppl frm various backgrounds relating to one common thing; music. so..we had to organize a lunch which includes the VIPs..and we call it 'The Musical Journey of HSBC'..

heh..interesting ppl..

okla..dah ngantok..

last but not least


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