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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


'hiburan x semestinye membahagiakan..tapi kabahgiaan pasti menghiburkan'....zainal abidin -aim-

saje amek quote die..tatau apsal ingat sangat..haha
don't have good feelings..dunno wuts goin on..just being as patient as can be..

esok written assesment..haritunyer dah dpt 'c'! demyuh gile kene polish up some english articles tnite..think of more ideas..and..dunno...maybe..try to focus more on things i should..rather than being distracted into somethin else ya?

huh..that's what i'll do..
td ade phone topic was quite easy teruk in the sense that cam aku tak bother psl fragments, psl grammar..fuh..kept on talking sesuke hati..but sebbaik my phone partner did orait! hehe

had some fun td..just hoping chee yee will allow us to edit our essay esok..huhu..

okla so siyu..


missing someone..n hoping that someone is missing me 2..

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