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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

touching sangat..hehe

nothing to post..but got this email frm ravin, src 03/04 family member..
how i miss those days u guys lor..learnt a lot..seriously..
and macha..haha i amm getting goes :

Dear Family members,

I would like to wish everyone all the best in their future undertaking. We start as strangers but we end up as a family. It has come the day that each of u need to choose their own path through their journey in life. I wish that you all will reach to the peak of your dream.

Jo - Ur are the best president i have been working with
Nicholas - He motto " If No Pork I Die"...A talkative person... You rocks in UIA when you bash the president of UIA.
Joanne - I look up at you during wataniah and till now(coz u are the proof that man and woman are equal)
MC - Bird tree. He is like a NBA player. Strict and discipline
Shom-She is like tha walking dictionary. Got corrupted but those knowledge you can't find in books
Nurul- She's quiet but she always full of energetic. A smart student.
Chan- His the treasurer his the chetti. without him we won't be able to go to most of the trips.
Nicky- My best friend. 1st impression Sucks wei...But now you rocks dude.
Zhi Feng- A guy that will turn into tomato for nothing. He have a brain that might replace Bill Gates one day.
Nadia- Ma little sister, who is cute but her voice like altec lansing
Faisal- My roomie who is popular among girls...Didn't intro to us also
Cathy- Little bird who is damn hard working...Respect
Duncan- Mr.Penan who always eat eat eat...He have many funny jokes but mostly 18SX. he nice person to hang out with
Siva- My best partner in crime
Ramatu- Miss Ghana...U are one of the International friend that I know who are down to earth.
Izar- My another roomie...He is cute and huggable...
Farris- Ur forum rocks dude
Fiera- Miss cutie of SRC 2003/2004.A friendly person who take care of our internal relation. ur trips rocks.
Wong- When you have prob you can rely on him as a friend...Thanks for helpin when I throw up during tioman trip man

Those are my memories during SRC 2003/2004. You guys are the best.This is my final trimester in MMU and I am going to miss it. Pls forgive me if I did anything wrong or say anything that might offend you guys. I am SORRY... Do keep in touch and pls keep this family updated. Tell us what will you do after you grad. The one that still have many years in MMU, have fun coz Uni life comes once, utilise it. If you getting married pls invites us if you don't we will invites ourself during your 1st night...Just joking.

All the best and keep in touch.

Your Bro,


hehe..thanx ravin..this actually made my day =) sweet..hiks

It is not easy to find someone who is sincere which u can see through her eyes..but she is one of the 'someone'..thanx for being fwens!! really hope dapat work with u uk ppl..hehe..

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