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Monday, September 17, 2007

t i m e 2 u p d a t e

Dealt with a couple of hiccups lately, which i hope explains why i have not been updating ;).

Alhamdulillah all is settled insyaallah..working very hard to make it a wonderful beginning of a new step....................... of a new journey.


16th September 2007

Naurah Damia was born. Congratulations mommy dinie hehe...wanted to see her but bak kate shy ' bulan2 pose ni susah sket' :P

And also
yesterday mark 1 year of my betrothal to sir muhamad elyas harun.

And insyaAllah for everything to go well in December 2007.

pending him to take his 'kursus' this 6-7th October,
get everything settled on his side especially his 'surat kebenaran nikah luar daerah'
fill out all the borang and the check list of mine
get abah to sign the form and present it in front of Imam Abd Manaf.

everything will be done latest by early November.

Post wedding will somehow be a very interesting journey for us but dont think this is the right time for any announcements.

Thanks to Nurul Syahida, Munira, Fatimah, Lafina, Hawa and Bibik for all the prayers..and oops pluss (not forgetting to mention) my li'l bro aiman too :D

I'm still alive, despite the cobwebs :P

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