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Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Yes I'm emotional rite now.

Sesape yang xnak baca emo2 punye post pls just leave me alone.

Tapi nak tulis ape pun tatau, cuma rase nak terminate account blogger, facebook and ym..
and be lifeless forever..

tapi itu mcm seeking attention kan?
seeking attention from someone who i think cares no more..

and I am in a very bad state..I can even change the 'I' to 'We'..tapi dia pun in a very bad state jugak ke? I doubt it..

dont bother to call my phone..aku dah off kan..will on lah once a while..
will also masuk blog/facebook/ym once in while jugak..untill I can finally decide on things..

I have no money, no job, nobody ..just 1 adorable little baby Adam

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