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Saturday, May 08, 2010


Lately I've been having nightmares..

1st Nightmare: Was at the beach..suddenly the water dried up! We (can't remember the we) went up to the high land and saw Tsunami coming in..the water was damn high. But then, it came like normal waves..

2nd Nightmare: Lost Adam

3rd Nightmare: My husband fake not knowing me somewhere

4th Nightmare: At the beach again, we went swimming me, yeh and adam. Then went to town to buy souvenirs, an elderly chinese asked if we went smimming in the sea? He told us that no one in that town will ever go there as there are ghosts in the sea. They will come for people who accidentally swallowed the sea water. Of course I was scared..coz swimming means swallowing some amnt of water anyway..and adam pun swim jugak :( Terus went to the hotel to gather our things..but on the way out can see words on the carpet appearing 'Will Kill"..huhu

5th Nightmare: Everytime ppl sleep, I can see a ghost. Its a she. Wearing white long dress, short hair and her head slightly tilted. She looks like one of my schoolmate in smkaks. She will rasuk me, strangle me and do whatever she likes. I was more than scared!! Later when she had enough, she told me..ok, you're so weak..I changed my mind..I dont wanna haunt you. She put something in me and said..there..take it back.
I woke up it was 7am..haih..x sempat subuh :(

Above is the only nightmare I remembered..there was a whole lot more. Tapi there was 1 time I woke up with the words in my ears 'Diversion diverted'. Haha..apetah kan?

At work, they told me..our Gold Coast flight got diverted to Brisbane due to some weather issues :p..Luckily that wasnt a nightmare at work..coz later the flt managed to land in Gold Coast after all :)


kenwooi said...

dreams are weird at times.. =/

iEfa said...

lamo tk ngaji b4 tdo kot..kkekekekkeke :p

Shai Kamarudin said...

aku suke mimpi no. 4 ko.
gile best boleh buat filem.

nad said...

kenwooi: haha most of the time kot :P
pipah: hahahaha mungkin jugek :P
shai: haha mimpi tu pun mcm filem..haih..tapi aku betul2 rase takutt

Mrs. Kown said...

Ko nih overdose tgk keliwon ka apa, hehehhe