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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cices..Adam nak hadiah!

Last Saturday the whole family went to Fullhouse at Sunway Pyramid to celebrate my youngest brother's birthday.

We gave him a couple of presents, and one of them includes an Olio pillow we bought at Mini Toons. And when we gave that to Aiman, Adam was super excited as it was wrapped nicely with a fun looking parcel wrapper.

The next day, my mom bought Aiman a Blackforest Cheesecake from Secret Recipe, put some candles and we sang the birthday song.

pic credit to google

Adam sang solo 'hepi bday to yu yuuuuuu!' :P and insists on cutting the cake together with his Paksu Aiman. pictures of him downloaded yet..maybe tonight I'll update the pics.

After the cake cutting, Adam went to talk to Princess (the kampung cat he calls Cices). He always talks to the cat and the dialogs are always super funny :p.

But that day, he went to sit beside Cices and said..' Cices, Adam nak hadiah..'
aww.. I felt to kesian!!

And now I'm wondering if its ok to get him a present just because he asks for it from Princess..will it get him spoiled? hmm..I'm confused..

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