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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Party Adam!

My eldest son will be turning 2 tmrw :)

Tapi party dia dah jalan last week..hehe..kenape awal? sebab party dia buat sekali dgn cukur jambul Erfaan and kenduri doa selamat Anisah (my sis) as she is going for pilot training in Kelantan this Saturday..

I was very excited coz his 1st Birthday sambut between us je..beli satay, pizza and cakes je the 2nd one mcm nak made up for his 1st year la konon :P

We've only invited close family je..husband punya side dia kata xyah dulu..maybe later time aqiqah kot, anyways his parents pun xleh dtg coz they are still tired from Umrah..friends pun 2 ketul je, si mun n shai.

Mmg nak invite friends yg ade anak2 tapi alahai..bajet lom cukup la dearies..kenduri yang ni pun share2 duit dgn my parents hehe..
We all just pindah rumah and bought new stuffs plus me n hubby had to save and save to pay for the stamp duty n legal fees for the house that we've just bought - well, save that topic for a later time k? :D

The party packs I bought in Tesco je..mmg memule konon2 nak buat sendiri..tapi since dah ade 2 org baby yg demanding, x jadi la ye hehe
We did a bit of google search n konon2 Tesco murah la mende2 party packs ni..but when we went to Balloon Buzz kat One Utama, the party packs were at the same price..haha..membazir duit minyak :P.

Anyways, we bought loads of balloons from Tesco and the kedai runcit nearby. My sis tiup all the balloons, some were hanged and others were left on the floor..saje nak bagi budak2 seronok tengok colorful balloons..
Helium Balloons were bought at Balloon Buzz..we bought the local balloons which costs RM2.60 per piece..ok la kan :)
Birthday Banner and flags beli kat Memory Lane je.
And since x sempat nak tempah cake, we bought at Secret Recipe - Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese Cake. Surprisingly, it was not sweet, kinda masam2 just how a cheese cake shd be and very the sedap!! hehe..I usually ate the normal cheese cake je kat SR, takut nak adventurous sangat :p

Caterer? Was my bestfriend 'Mun'. Her family ada catering business. The food was so delicous, the whole family pakat tapau bawak balik ok!! ahaha..and they hias the food table so nicely with lightings and all, anyone would have thought we catered expensively. Tapi mmg tak la..her price is so affordable, plus food are so nice and they are nowhere near stingy at all. Her food ada lebih, cukup utk semua org tambah and bawak balik even..
Oh, and the bubur kacang? Mabeles!! aku x suke bubur kacang, but I love hers so much. And its her mother who made them. According to Mun, her mom is the Queen of Bubur Kacang! hehehe

Sape2 rasa nak amik them as ur caterer can ym Mun at k?
Nuff cakap2..meh layan this vid nnti pulak :)

1 comment:

Azie Nazri said...

2 years? How time has passed. :)
Adam will read this someday and know how much his umi and abi loves him very much.

Happy birthday Handsome Adam!
Moga jadi anak soleh and berjaya dunia akhirat. Amin! :)

P/s: comeynya header tuu! betul2 tepat ngan kak nad and family hehe