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Friday, September 03, 2004


ok..and ere i am in front of my bro's pc..and really wishing 'yeh' would just contact me [sms@call@email]..

spent a blast sunday with him..jemput him at the airport at 8 am..and we went to pyramid just lepaking there until 4. Funny when we lose our car [forget where on earth we parked] the whole day..sad ..when it was time for him to leave for perlis..heh..

and now.. just wishing 4 him..wishing in my self not to lose trust...sigh* ..y is it so easy for some ppl to have hopes like i do..
i hate crushes..

so far he has only been smsing once..and emailing once..
yeah ..guess he is buzy with his fam..he should be very happy over there in perlis :)..
hope he'll be contacting me very soon..

and just i was hoping he'd be online..i went to the channel where we first met on mirc..
he wasnt there..but my ex was..

ok..and i'm chatting with him..with a malas nak layan habit..dunt wanna be cruel but not too kind..[u guys know wut i no]..its just..the situation with him n yeh is not so good..he's been saying the kinds of things like..yeh took me away from him..and all that crap..well..if anyone is in the wrong..i'd chose to be is just not yeh's fault things happened the way it has..:)

well there..its very clear that i'm in love isnt it? haha..hate things to be this way..the holidays are boring..i'm just so confused with yeh..he is so near yet he doesnt contact me..he said that he'll call soon..but when? i'm so easy to lose patients and to lose hope..yeah rite..the holidays arent too kind.. i cant beleive that i'm thinking 'i prefer my exams week'..

dun get me wrong.. i dun spent my time thinking of yeh only..i do all kinds of things at home..but the 'missing you' thingy gets me at times like this..i cant sleep well at night..and i have no one to talk to coz everyone else is still asleep..:)..

omg..guess what i'm thinking rite now? XM RESULTS!!..owhh this is a BIG no no..i should end the blog b4 i freak out...


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