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Sunday, April 29, 2007


I got meself a pugi!!! ahahah..comel pulak, sampai jatuh2 aku wat die..gile saiko main cyber pet :P

smlm tengok af, sbb encik yeh tgk bola..xde org nak chatting..

tetibe mase tgk tuh tersedih plak mase dewang panggil mak bapak naik pentas..bukan sedih sebab parents naik, tp sedih kesian kat aswad sbb parents die dah tadde...astro ni pun satu, panggil la sedare mara die ke hape..hampeh

pastu cam suke plak aizad kua tahun ni af yg paling hampeh la..xyah la wat af lg pasni weeyy...buat miskin org asek beli topup je..


nak wat survey yg shy suh wat haritu...tapi panjang saaangaaat la shy!!
meh aku wat yg pendek sket hehe

1. Song playing at the moment?
>> kiroro- mirae

2. Reasons for living?
>> khalifah di muke bumi Allah (which i always forget!! herkkkkk..)

3. Do you think you're ok?
>> nope, i'm abnormal never ok

4. Ever donated blood?
>> nope, low blood pleasure :P

5. Favorite color(s)?
>> white, black, mocha, soft colours/pastel colours

6. Accessories you usually wear?
>> engagement ring

7. One song to describe a heartbreak
in the past.
>> lots..cant think

8. Last place you went to?
>> kitchen making my herbalife drink (taste better with cold water i/o milk)

9. Last person you went out with?
>> farin

10. The most exciting sport?
>> bungee jump!!!!

11. Ever had a baby?
>> heerk..nope!

12. Movie you want to watch?
>> sumolah?

13. Any piercings?
>> i can wear earings :D

14. The most romantic gift?
>> mm..yeh once made a kad raya with his own drawing of him n me :P and that 'yourock' slides he posted on my friendster...

15. Acted on stage before?
>> yes..and i loved it hehe

16. Struck by lightning before?
>> noope, hopefully never (tanak jadi anak derhaka!!)

17. Danced with your loved ones
>> not yet, will do hehe

18. Ever wished you could turn back
>> my schooldays..i kept having dreams bout school (smkaks)..y eh??

19. What would you do if you woke up
one day to find yourself to be with
someone from the opposite sex?
>> after marriage? with him? ...... i'd smile

20. One song that's meaningful to you?
>> dunno?

21. Last person you met?
>> bibik

22. What will you be doing tomorrow?
>> work! next question pls!!!

23. Ever thought of robbing a bank?
>> no way

24. One thing you totally regret
>> being with someone who i despise so much now? who? i wish he never exist...

25. Do people like you?
>> not all..ahahah

26. What was the last game you played
on the computer?
>> dream day wedding ( sucks!!) lagi baik main diner dash!

27. SomeONE who means a lot to you at
the moment?
>> my family, yeh, close friends and then everyone

28. The color of your mobile phone?
>> black

29. Do you hate someone at the moment?
>> yes...but i wish the feeling would go away coz i hate hating ppl

30. What do you wish to happen now?
>> get more money? hehe

31. Last time you ate pizza?
>> dont like pizza

32. Ever been given a ring?
>> yupp! ngeee~

33. Do people think you're weird?
>> guess most ppl do...coz i do ahahah

34. Movies now showing that you hate?
>> dunno?

35. Most important thing in your room?
>> aircond and my bed

36. Last movie watched?
>> wild hogs!

37. Last television show watched?
>> spongebob squarepants

38. Who is the person you want to see
right now?
>> yeh :D

39. Ever called a person useless?
>> yup...and hate myself for it

40. Are you good at hiding your
>> never, but mis-expressed them (is there such a word??)

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