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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Right Job

Nadiah, the right jobs for you would allow you to be Creative and Personable

With your skills, you could be earning up to $83,000 per year. Find out which jobs match these skills in your personalized Right Job Report. You're a visionary in many people's eyes — able to think outside the box and to come up with your own solutions. You're creative not necessarily in the artistic sense, but because you can expand your mind to do things differently from others.It might take a while for colleagues to recognize and reward you for your entrepreneurial spirit and abilities. That could be because they envy you, or because they find your ideas slightly rebellious — willing to go against the current. All in all, you make it hard for people to pigeon hole you. That is why you, more than others, need a job that allows you to play to your strengths, break out of the mold, and truly excel. not maersk line

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