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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

l o v e l y b o n e s

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This is one of the few books which i have recently read. Introduced by Ignita and my aunt.

Frankly speaking, the plot is strange. Strange yet, interestingly exciting.

It starts of by Susan Salmon; a young 14 year old girl who was brutally raped and murdered by a neighbour, Mr Harvey ( i should say, the same species of ppl who murdered arwah Nurin Jazlin).
She narrates the novel while she was in heaven, looking down to earth. Silently looking after the family and friends she left behind.

She saw the father appearing strong in front of everyone else, but easily breakdown when he was alone. Her mother displays her lust to 'Len Fennerman'; the police who was in charged of invistigating Susan's dissapearance.
Who later, announced the case as 'closed' when things became too hard and annoying for him.

She saw her sister and brother grew up without the mother, as the mother ran to pursuit what she hopes to be a better life.

All these she sees while Mr Harvey develops his lust on murder, while he count the bones and belongings of the dead.
Susan Salmon - Susie was faced with frustrations of not being able to help with everything that went on, on earth.

She can only observe hopefully for her dissappearance to be discovered, for everything to be just like before she was murdered.

This book reminds me a lot of what happen to Nurin Jazlin. Although the plot of murder was different, yet it is frighteningly similar.

Both displays lust for little girls, and both have the likes to murder.

Selamat membaca, ' the lovely bones ' is worth the read.

p/s maybe..just maybe, i shd try reading more of Alice Sebolds novels..hmm

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