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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A part of me

It has been about 2 weeks since my last update.
Frankly, I had some evil thoughts to abandon this blog..the blog that has been a small part of me since my MMU days....

This used to be my perfect hideout, the place which I can safely call it as 'my world'.
But since I got married, 'my world' is now 'our world' which now refers to our married life..less spitting out for the whole world to see.

So that's the reason on the evil thoughts.

Then as I planned to leave this blog alone, I tend to miss more of it.
I missed my friends & family, their blogs, their stories.
It's just not fair to just be a reader to their blogs, they need to read mine they can know of my adventures, my thoughts, my current news and gossips and miss me summore..just like of how I miss them everyday.

Anyway..being married is never meant for us to leave everything else behind right?

And so, due to this one reason..I decided to keep this blog alive, as long as there is internet long as I am alive InsyaAllah :D


I'm still in Cairo, and typing this in Java Cyber Cafe.
I don't know when we'll head back to Tanta..but a guess in 1-2 days time.

Several days ago, I went with Abang, Kak Ju, Kak Enny, Nadiah and Milah to have a peek on their exam results.
This is the 'almost accurate' results, which meant 70% accuracy.
Later on, their Doctors/Lecturers will have their final look and decide further on the results.
It is said that the Doctors will look at their English subject and Quran first so they can determine whether to increase the marks of other subjects, or to just leave it as that. But then again, in Alazhar, everything is 'rezeki'.

According to the results, Abang has another 2 subjects which he has to take in September.
He was relieved and somewhat this means if everything goes well he will definitely get his degree this year, just as planned.

But then I realized that we still have a couple of days till the final results, and the only one who can make miracles is Allah.
We are now praying very hard and being very confident that by the time the actual results are out..abang will pass each and every subjects, and dont have to take any exams next month :D.
Plus, his marks for English and Quran are excellent. Hopefully his other 2 subjects will be upgraded hehe..

So readers, please read this if you may :


' Ya Allah, Kau izinkanlah Mohd Elyas Harun dan kawan2 najjah didalam peperiksaan tahun ini, boleh mengikuti convo tahun ini, lulus semua madah dan tidak perlu mengulang mana2 madah..Amin'
Then again, Allah knows best..but it is our job to plan, pray and work hard kan?

Thank you for the prayers :D


p/s: sila masuk sini oke, baju design hebat!


Muhamad Elyas Harun said...

soo sweet!

nad said...

aminnn hehe :D

shai said...

kalau ko stop blogging Imma kill you Nadiah Azharuddin!!!


ummi said...


Of course things will chang ewhen you married. Not just your life, but also how you think and this of course will affect your blog as it's come from your thought.

But, it will be nice as we can see different nad than before. From a single person to a married person.

Life or marriage will not be easy. Doesn't matter how we love our husband so much, it will still be up and down, happy and sad. And that's normal. If you love your husband too much and there's no down side than that's not normal.

When you married, of course it will be things that you can't write anymore as you used to. Hemm.. it is sound strange??

Anyway, never mind. Keep writing nad up dating because I feel a bit worried when I see no up date from you. Just wanted to make sure my brother make you as happy as you always are. Even in down time, you both will be able to go through it together, Insya Allah.

And remember, the time you both in egypt will be the precious time together. You both been there just after you married, go through misscariange together, sad and happy, this will give you lots of experience to go through more challenge life ahead off.

mieza said...

aiii ada ati nak tutup blog pulok.....mana aci

Azie Nazri said...

azie pun cam pelik tgk kak nad dah jarang update.
do update kak nad.
it does comes to my mind sometimes to just stop blogging as i feel that my world has somehow been invaded by people who i dont want to be involved in my life.
but then, i would say,
"alaaa lantakla diorang. what i write is what i think n feel. so what if they disagree. this is afterall, MY blog. not their's"

kesimpulannya, dont ever think bout deserting your blog again.
sian diaa.
simpanla sampai anak cucu bleh baca. hehe. :)

and AMEEN to your doa. goodluck abg yeh. :)

nad said...

kak opin, azie, mieza: hehehe tq tq..tak tutup punye..saye sayang ini blog :D