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Saturday, December 13, 2008

i'm going through this:

  • I'm already 5 months, alhamdulillah. But my belly is hardly showing infront, I look like I'm gaining plenty around the hips and 'back' area..hubby says the correct term wld be 'gedempol'. Cis!
  • I still cannot eat rice. I can eat everything else except rice.
  • I cannot eat spicy, but I love food with 'sweet & sour' flavour.
  • I'm getting leg cramps at night, coz the doctor refuse to let me have the calcium tablets. I hate milk, I can only take strawberry milk. But I love strawberry milk..I take them 2-3 glasses a day as per advised, and I still get those cramps.
  • I think I shd re-request for the calcium tablets.
  • I get constant pain in my belly..I dunno if its due to the baby moving, gas pain or sumthing else? I do hope its the baby making its finger prints though :)
  • But..good thing is..above all this, I'm happy. I don't really mind the long as the baby is healthy. Last 2 weeks I heard the 'dupdapdupdap' of it's heartbeat. Its 149! The sound of it was..tremendously exciting!! The baby is growing well and accordingly..and that's all that matters anyway. That's all that matters.
  • Me and hubby is searching high and low for jobs, mostly around putrajaya/cyberjaya. Hopefully we'll get some good news next week. Amin! :)
  • I dont really feel like working yet..hubby pun cakap 'takyah laa kije duluu'. Tapi I guess..I have to look for a job sooner or later anyway..hmm, I still haven't made up my mind on this. Help!
  • We havent gone back to Perlis yet. Hubby wants to wait till he gets a job. I'm praying for him..praying for the best..Amin.
  • I'm finding some time to hang out with my 4 bestfriends (including hubby). Hopefully we can all meet up again before Tim goes 'Sabah' again.
  • Is it a boy?? or a girl?? hehe..I dunno when we'd know :P
Camne nak book utk deliver kat hospital putrajaya ek? I'm clueless...


ummi said...

nad, kak anna our cousin deliver at putrajaya. get yeh to ask her.

elok gak tak kerja dulu..lagipun dah tak lama dah..

enjoy the free time while you can. insya allah yeh will get job ASAP.

salam for your mum and dad.

nad said...

hehe insyallah :)

mieza said...

nak keje ke nad? takyah ar duluuuu..huhu tp kalo nak keje yg stress free sket ni and very d easy peasy punya keje mungkin WHO will help u..