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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yey! Dah servis :D

We were supposed to bring my beloved kelisa to perodua for servicing last week.
But as I and hubby both were down with flu, we only managed to bring 'her' for servicing today =).
She is as good as new now, and safer for us to drive her back to Perlis later insyallah.

About my pregnancy, we still have not decided wether we shd only continue our monthly check-up at Klinik Kesihatan Putrajaya all the way till the 9th month..or to also visit gynae at private hospitals.
The nearest private will be Azzahra, Annur..and Lita Alis clinic.
How eh?? How much is the cost for each visits at private? Hehe..5months already but sorry, all my 4months check-up was in Egypt. And now my knowledge is zero of the pregnancy check-ups in Malaysia. Oh well, maybe not zero..maybe only 10-20% ? Help needed by the experienced please =D

Oh and please don't forget to visit
from tonight onwards! The stock has arrived, we're taking pictures of them and updating them bit by bit in the blog.

Thank you all! =D


Shila said...

mine dekat pantai. first check-up 150. second onwards dalam 110 dengan scan sumer and vitamins. yang latest masa 21 weeks, dalam 180, sebab ada urine and blood test and dokter prescribed another vitamin neurogain. DHA tablet for baby's brain. so maybe those in your area murah sikit kot? aku rasa lah. heehehe

tapi klinik gomen pon aku pegi jugak, amik kad merah. just in case anything happen bila kami out of town. sebab slalu jalan2 ronda2 mesia kan. hihihi

nurulmajdi said...

Kalau akak, monthly checkup kat private practice clinic, but by 7months onwards baru nk checkup kat gynae (sepital) tmpt nk bersalin nnt.

Costly kalau terus nk checkup kat private practice hospital.. setakat ni checkup kat klinik cost bawah 100. Kalau kat hospital nnt musti atas seratus each appointment.. tp x tau le..

Macam Shila dia buat kat Pantai Hospital.. hehe.. pantai mmg mahal le...

Kalau cost bukan perkiraan, buat monthly checkup kat gynae terus pun xpe. At least kita da biasa ngan dia.. history sumer dia dah tahu. Senang sket.