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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Now i know..

Now I know the real meaning of 'oh, bestnye fesbuk!'..

All SPS in mot received their pay a week ago. Except for me, and 4 other ppl.
Y? Coz according to the guy in charge (GIC), he sent 5 name per request for approval. Once approved, your pay'll be in ur acc in arnd 2 working days. On the other hand, if 1 of the names came back as not approved, all the other 4 will be stuck as well..and another 2 days before u'll see the money in ur acc.

Mine and the other 4 was stuck 3 times.

1. when the GIC gave wrong acc number
2. GIC gave wrong acc number again
3. GIC simply tot that my account was maybank i/o he got my my bank code wrong.

how he got it wrong when we actually gave him our bank beyond my imagination.

Now, if there were no fesbuk, I'll be nagging him like mad. Saying all the things i wasnt supposed to say ofcoz.

Thank God theres fesbuk..and the friends in there..coz i can just trash and cool down..
Thank you.

I gave a call to GIC today, and the fact that i was so calm, i shocked myself.
I even went to his place, he showed us his system..i saw the notes given, and how many times the transactions failed..and best of all, i get to see that the pay is now approved.

How I wish it'll be in on Friday the latest. Yey.


Adam loves talking to his Abi more than i a bad Ummi?


newlifenewbeginning said...

haa tau takpe!
tp skang kat cni memasing dah kene sound la plak xleh nak online sgt, pape mende kat H drive sume kene siot je

Nadiah Azharuddin said...

fiona jeles kot? kui kui