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Monday, June 06, 2011

Career changes

I've had 6 career changes since I graduated in 2005. Maybe that is the reason why my career is still at a low point..tsk tsk..

I've been to a lot of interviews..some were good but some were horrid ( yes, i mean the interviewer) haha..and honestly speaking, being interviewed by a British, is the best :)

But one of the best which I can remember till now is at Firefly (yes, the airline comp.)
I was interviewed by Datuk Eddy Leong himself and 2 more which I cant clearly remember.

First, I was given a thick case study for Delta Air. Had to summarize the contents in 30mnts and present. I was scared beyond words, and I had zero knowledge of airlines.

I went in with another lad who clearly knows his stuff.
The interviewers were clearly pleased with him..and when my turn came, I didnt do as good. presentation was here and there..but the questions, they were not tough! and when I cant answer they helped but never criticised :)

Maybe I was too young and had less experience back then..I'm kinda embarassed..but if have a chance, I can now go to Datuk Eddy Leong and say

'Hi Datuk, I'm Nadiah. I was interviewed by you about 4 years ago, back when you were just starting to get Firefly flying. I did not get the job, but thank you for your time. Congratulations for making Firefly grow in just about 4 years'

....well, maybe if I have the courage lah! hahahhaha

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