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Friday, July 22, 2011

work is work, put emotional issues aside

'work is work, put emotional issues aside' ....

that's what my current boss said once..and I would like to hold on to it as long as I live.

There's a guy at my new workplace, one day start telling me off that some papers I put on the table are confidential. So I asked him to turn it upside down..I was in the mid of doing something super urgent and was super stressed. He then started to nag loudly (not shout) about how some things are confidential yada yada yada..again and again and again saying 'ok kalau tanak dengar nasihat takpe, tak kisaah' over n over n over..

Who wouldnt be annoyed?
But other ppl would have ignored this guy..

I did a bad thing..I yelled 'Sorry I'm stressed, it's not that I dont want to listen its just that I'm in the middle of sumthin super urgent!'

Whoever yells are the 'wrong' ones kan..huhu
So after all the hoohas I went to him n said sorry. He was ok.

But untill now, he refuses to talk to me. If I talk to him, he will reply but avoiding eye contact. He himself, will never initiate a conversation.

Whats up?? I wanna ask..

But have to remind myself what bos said...'work is work, put emotional issues aside'

hmm..easier said than done..but I can do it :)

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