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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Girls Made Of! - my awesome friends

This picture doesnt do it justice!
It looks much better in rea;ity and tastes
 This is the company selling the delicious strocholicious! (strawberries + choc + delicious) haha..
Consists of my bffs..Munira and Nurul Syahida. BOTH of them are multi-talented..strocholicious is just one minor part of their talents :)

Yesterday, they opened their booth at Maritim Putrajaya..a very happening event indeed!
I managed to snap a few pictures of them but forgot to bring my office laptop got no blutooth and dont allow me to sad..but isokey, will upload it tonite :)

For you lovelies who loves chocolate, or strawberries ..or better yet BOTH (like us) can contact Munira at 013-3977371 :) or

I used to make these too..but ..hehe ok, maybe i'll try to do it over this weekend see if my touch still works..if it does then maybe..I can accept orders too for Putrajaya part..hahaha..I wish :p..hmm..Aminn~ kehkehkeh

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