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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My classic choc chip!

Dear Dana,

Thank you!! You @ ur recipe made my day haha :p

Remember this post ?? Fortunately, today I had sometime to bake..went to MOF in the morning, left my laptop there for them to install some applications. The techni told me to just leave it there and come back arnd I did, I went home and bake :D

I halved the ingredients, changed sugar to all parts brown sugar..and this is the batter:

shd look like this i guess :p

 These were the cookies before baking (dont have any ungreased cookie i used aluminium foil hehehe):
made them bite size

A simply delicious recipe! yeayy

I've also kept the rest of the batter (yupp, I halved the ingredients but the batter are still way to much)..but its okay coz I kept them maybe tonite? hahaha if anyone (or me?) craves for fresh cookies, I can just bake them straight away :D


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