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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

True story

As per Yeh's blog (, we just got bc frm kaherah, entertaining ppl (a family of 4 plus the sis) frm uk. Nasib baik rafiz n aisam decided to come along..sronok sket encik abe sorang tuh :p.

Well..on the 2nd day we stopped to pray asar at one of the mosques..masjid azhar kot? Haha x ingat..

Anyway, after prayers me n aunty A dok lepak kejap kat dlm masjid rehat2. Aku pun bukak topik tanye pasal diri die..dan inilah cerita yg sronok pasal die..

She was born and raised as a catholic in Columbia. Then she came to work for several yrs in Malaysia. She had 2 bestfriends who were already muslims since birth. Although both did not practice islam, but they were the ones responsible for sparking her interest in the religion. They told her 'islam bleive in 1 god'. Thats wut attract her.

She then became a muslim,but was not aware of doing what muslim does. All she knew was 1 thing..muslims do not eat pork.
So, she kept on drinking n smoking (with the 2 frens) until one day she learned not to do those things no more.

After that she went bc to columbia, told her mom she is muslim. At first, her mom tot she was only main2..then she starts saying that she doesnt drink. At her place, not drinking alchohol is considered abnormal. So the mom got very worried.

Then she asks her mom to exclude pork at home. But everytime they had disagreements, her mom wld always cook pork (hoping she'd break..hehe but of coz she didnt la kan).

So one day she moved out of the house..and later met her husband. She got married and started wearing hijab plus learning more bout islam.

Looking at her changes, her mother cries. Then decides to live with the newly wed couple for a while. She was scared of her daughter's muslim hubby wld beat her daughter to death, or at least marry another 3 :p.

Tapi of coz la nothing like dat happens. And she began to see how happy the daughter became.

One day, the mom asks aunty A for some reading materials in Spanish. But since they were already staying in uk, not much Spanish reading materials can be found. Aunty A only had some spanish books relating to islam (which she got for free hehe). Her mom had no choice, but to read them as she couldnt read any other than spanish.

And her mom is also a muslim. And her 2 frens pun dah byk berubah. Alhamdulillah kan? :)

Tapi in my point of view, she and most converts are way better than us born muslims..camne tu? Hehe..jom improve dan upgrade jom

Bila aku tanye how did she became so good.. jwpn die..

All of these comes from Allah


Just some points to ponder,

Kalau kite gi perang, kite bleh guna pedang musuh utk tewaskan dewang balik kan?
Jadinye, kalau kite gune barang buatan belanda utk tewaskan dewang satu hari nanti bleh x agak2?

Heh..abg yg tanye aku soklan ni bg aku penin, jd aku bg plak korang penin hahaha

Aci x?


shai said...

like what? gunakan minyak belanda untuk isik minyak keta kebal serang netherland? kot....

boleh je kan, as long as not using this excuse to justify why we still eat barangan belanda. "Oh, kita makan je, tapi dalam hati kita benci!" macam takde point je. wakaka...

nad said...

hahah ni sebenanye alasan yeh mase die nak jugak beli kiub ayam knorr :P