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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Plan your trip to Egypt

Some guides which can be somewhat helpful :D

1. Choose your destination
If Egypt, why wld u like to come? Just to sleep in hotel rooms? To just see the people? Or to really go round to see the famous historical places?

2. Browse the internet or buy books about these places. Find out more.

3. Purchase flight tickets.

4. Find good tourist guide.

5. Dont like tourist guide? Not flexible? Ok, at least find someone who knows their way round egypt and can speak Arabic.

6. Tell this person where exactly you want them to take you (at least a day before). Or ask their suggestion, and give your oppinions.

7. Be ready.
Get yourself healthy and be ready. Egyptions love to take money frm tourist. If the internet says its 220pounds, the Egyptions might take 250pounds from you. Be prepared with extra money as it is not worth to fight sometimes :D

8. Dont complaint, unless you pay for these tourist guide.

9. Go with an open mind. Try new things.
Try not to compare with a better place you've been to. Insyallah you can find that every place/country has a beauty of it's own.

Happy holiday :D

Egypt Tips

1. Shopping? Go to Al Khalili Market (Hussain)..go further up where theres no more tourist. Cheaper there.

2. Relaxing? Not cairo. Go Alexandria @ Iskandariah. Spend night time by the seaside, look at they night sky.

3. Visiting? Go visit the pyramids/ sphinx/ muzeum/ citadel/ maqam..most are in Cairo.

4. Ride the boat along nile river. Better at night.

5. Good months? September or March/April. The weather wld be just nice. Not too cold, not hot.

6. Contact us :P we'll bring you to these places. hehe (provided Abg doesnt have his exams la)

And again..Happy Holiday :D


shai said...

ahahahaha... a nightmare tourists really helps, eh?

nad said...

hahah tu la..