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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Allah has better plans for us in store :)

ala apsal kecik sgt plak? ha ni edited by pa'ah ..gamba klas kitorang mase mude remaje wakaka..aku yg plg pendek tepi skali tu :P maceh cik pa'ah kerane bagi aku menkopi pes.


Since i got the good news of my pregnancy i've actually been bleeding..sometimes light and sometimes mild. Risau jugak, ask our gynae mase mule2 dulu she checked but found nothing. We were advised that if it got heavier we shd straight away go to see her again.

so..weeks passed, someday with and someday without the bleeding. Pregnancy symtoms were not much but i dont really mind coz i knew that some ppl never experience anything at all.

Then last week the bleeding got a bit heavier than usual, so we went straight to our gynae 'Dr Sa'deah'. She was superbly nice, dont speak english well but tried her best to make me understand..luckily i've familirized myself with the medical terms through articles in the internet :P.

Anyways, we were told to get an ultrasound. We found out that the sac collapsed and the baby only managed to live until 4 weeks. They call it 'Missed abortion'. It was sad. I admit that i cried at home with my dear hubby to comfort me :). But I strongly beleif that Allah has something better in store for us, and that made me smile, and made me and hubby stronger ;).

So the doctor gave me misoprostol to expell the sac and fetus naturally. Although lots and lots of blood clots came out, the sac never did.Due to that, last night I had to undergo D& was surely a night to remember.

the d&c

The nurses and doctors dont speak english much. So they asked me a few basic english questions like 'whats ur name', 'how old are you', 'how many times u eat per day', 'you are beautiful' and etc.

And the part where they put me under anesthesia they asked, "nadiah, can you read the Quran?" I said yes. They were happy and asked me to recite Alfatihah before they begin the procedure. As soon as I finished, the anesthasia kicked in.

I woke up to find myself somewhere else, hubby and another woman beside me. Everything was done and I didnt feel a thing, Alhamdulillah.

I was confused who the woman might be. She calls herself Mama Huda. Her son pun undergo surgery gak coz patah tangan, and while waiting for his son she went to comfort yeh while he was waiting for me. She cried and asked for the doctors to let her in to see me, helped yeh carry me onto another bed, bought me some air kotak and even gave 100 egyption pounds for my recovery.
Alhamdulillah, may Allah bless her.
But a bit sad coz i was blur last night and didnt manage to get her phone number. I pray for Allah to give her everything she needs, everything she wants..

All in all, yes we are so very sad. And at the same time we strongly beleive that Allah has better plans in store for us :D.

To all moms to be..take care okie..and pls pray for this mommy wannabe :P hehehe

some pics

senget kanlah kepale anda ek.. aku tengah malas nak edit ekeke


pa'ah said...

sesungguhnya Allah lebih mengetahui dan sesuatu yg berlaku itu pasti ada hikmahnya..

banyakkan bersabar.. dan cuba lagi.. ;)

ummi said...

Nad, dulu kak opin gugur masa 2 buln lebih. Memang sakit sangat bila nak keluar. Lepas tu baru buat d&C. Anyway, You still have plenty time. May be Allah want you to enjoy the time you have now. As soon as you got one..that's it. No more time for your self. Keep strong..

bitun said...

sabar erk nad..

Cikpid said...

harap dpt bersabar ek..mungkin xde rezeki kali doakan awak pregnant lagi secepat mungkin..simpati sgt2..sedih pon ade..

Lina said...

semoga ko lebih tabah dan sabar hadapi segala ujian ni..

aku berdoa agar tuhan permudahkan segala urusan ko n suami di dunia dan akhirat.. amin!

LonTugi said...

nadiah, juz read ur post... really sad... be strong k...

paSs_bY said...

“...Janganlah kamu bersedih, sesungguhnya Allah sentiasa bersama kita...”
(Surah At-taubah: Ayat 40)

"Dan di lngit pula terdapat (sebab-sebab) rezeki kamu, dan juga terdapat apa yang telah (ditakdirkan dan) dijanjikan kepada kamu"
(Surah Adz-Dzariyaat Ayat 22)

nad said...

pa'ah: tq, aku x saba nak tgk gamba kawen wan ngan yunon ni..hehehe

kak opin: tu la..lagipun nasib baik baby tu baru lagi..tak la sakit mcm org yg mengandung yg dah besar sikit kan..takpe, both of us are strong insyallah :D

bitun: tq bitun

cikpid: tq cikpid, doakan ye? :D takpe jangan sedih, jage baby baik2 tau :D

lina: tq lina!

ignita: thanks :)

pass_by: i needed that, thanks so much for passing by ;)