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Monday, June 02, 2008


I'm still in resting mode and having my ever helpful hubby to take care most parts of the house. He has been so very loving, caring and helpful, it makes me easier to get my spirits up. As per tim's advise ' nad, u have to be strong..for him and for yourself. u have to be strong for him, for him to be strong for u' hehe..kinda confusing, but a lot of truth in it...

I didnt realize that after a miscarriage, ppl also need to 'berpantang' my so called 'berpantang' days begins right after the d&c.
How to berpantang? :P

Turns out that Kak Opin, our mommies (mine and yeh's) have some history of some type of miscarriage..and i'm so lucky to get their advise.

ok, what to eat and what not to eat?

To eat:
nasik, roti, yogurt, soups, ayam, daging, ikan, black seed (habbatussauda), honey erm..pls do comment on more food i shd take that i've actually left out k? :D

Not to eat:
fruits, food which are too hot or too cold, oily food, fast food, spicy food, fruit juice (i missed them..), coke/pepsi/the likes, ice....erm..anything else tak?

And most importantly i have to eat small portions but to eat more times than the usual 2-3 meals a day coz i cannot let my tummy goes empty, else i'll be getting headaches and tummy aches and other aches..

I've resume taking honey every morning (as per kak opin and mom's advise)..but this time managed to find the "original honey plus habbatusauda" sold nearby. Its a bit more expensive than the rests but its worth it. And since i've begin taking it, i can sleep! yes, i used to be insomniac..sleep is hard! I envy those who can fall asleep once their head reach the hubby :P

And plus, i've felt better..yes, i'm still tired due to the d&c at times..but i guess i've felt healthier..and so does hubby ( i made it for him as well)..

well, i'm gonna take extra care of ourselves and hope nothing we take will effect our fertility in a bad way..coz obviously we'd like to try again someday...eventually ;)

owh and while i was still pregnant, i actually killed a baby lipas..and i feel bad :( .. and i'm making a note to myself not to ever kill any baby lipas again..but they are grossss...wuttodoo??..i dunno lah...huhu

Thanks to those who came by to read my blog and thanks for dropping your comments. I really (million times) appreciate them!

owh and lupe

Tahniah to :

Hawa Liyana Hashim (my dearest cousin)
who got married on 31st May to her beloved fiance. May our children be bestfriends like we are and can go to standard one on the same year like we did :D hehehe (boleh pulak ek ade cita2 camni)

Nurul Ayuni Fisal (exsmkaks-5amal) who also got married on the 31st

Wan Suriaty Wan Jaafar (exsmkaks-5Iman) 1st June.

Selamat pengantin baru.

Pa'ah, nak tengok gamba pengantin plis! :D
Mun, Lan dan Shy, cepatla update pasal rombongan ke pahang! x sabar ni..


Cik AnGaH said...

sabar nad..
takpe..ade hikmahnya tu..
masih ade masa lagik! ;p
nadd, ktorg gi wedding yunon, shahza ngn wan..
jalan2 makan kendurik!

Azie said...

kak nad,

im sooo sory for ur loss..
but then again, like u said,
Allah knows best and im sure that He has stored something better for u and abg yeh.

take care and have funn with ur pantang k! hehe ;p

Hamizah said...

alamak nad..i missed out reading ur blogs for a few days..tatau pon ada alkesah so sorry for ur loss nad, i know u were really excited abt the pregnancy and all..sigh..takpe nad, HIDUP INI INDAH BAGI ORG YG TABAH!!

so chin up, i know ur strong..take good care of urself ok?

ummi said...

kalau ikut kak opin pantang memang susah. kak opin memang cuma makan ayam dengan nasi. tu pun cuma buat sup atau goreng. kak opin memang tak makan apa2 sayur atau buah2.

memang tak keluarrumah 40 hari. Tapi masa gugur tu sebab kecil tak rasa apa. lepas sebulan tu keluar lah pi rumah dekat.

cuma sebab kat tempat orang tu memang understandable. it's good to take care of your self. Akak opin berpantang memang ikut mam dan tok punya pantang memang rejim habih.

ANyway,jangan lupa honey every morning. Jangan buat kerja kuat2 dan jalan baik2. Kalau boleh jangan makan apa2 ikan sebab kalau tak kena ikan boleh bisa. So, elak ajelah kalau boleh. Just for a while. Sebab tu di panggil berpantang.

masa kak opin gugur dulu, it's nearly 3 months. Cuma dok kat sana ok jugak senang sebab tak banyak terliur macam kat malaysia. Biasanya nasi semalam atau makan goreng macam bihun ke tak makan. So, paling baik suruh yeh masak nasi panas2.

just stay home at the moment. You will be alright soon. Insya Allah. The important things is to deal with emotion sebab waktu macam ni so, banyak doa. Suruh yeh baca quran..

take care.

nad said...

angah: tq! ceh, sempat lagi buat aku jeles sbb xleh ikut :P

azie: takpe, tq :D oyeah, i'm having fun definitely ehehe

mieza: yup2 i'm strong hehe :D lepas ni nak jumpe dokte balik nak tanye what else to eat etc to get a healthy baby and pregnancy

kak opin: tq..tapi boring la dok rumah..sebbaik dah ade internet..hehehehe

ummi said...

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Happy resting!!