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Saturday, May 01, 2004


pang of sadness

srcians..i love n miss you guys a lot!!
a couple of minutes ago i went to the src room to collect my cds from the top drawer beside the pc..and also hoping to see any if not all of the src's there..

well..the room is locked and veeery messy..i can only see the room from the outside imagining our times inside there. Meetings..birthday celebrations..interviews..little hideout place..sharing laughter, theres a lot of memories ya? i manage to take a peek at the white board..hoping to see joe's handwriting calling for a meeting..but of course..none more with the presence of all of us..

there are several of us who are graduating..seriously..i'll really miss u guys..and for those who arent..i'll still be missing all of u as a council..

Jo: jobaly@jolaby@jo-ba ehehe..thanx jo..thank you very mush for inviting and welcoming me as one of the council members..thank you soo much for all ur support..really had fun and lots were learned...luv ya so much..thank you!

joanne: joanne!! ur such a good friend..thank you so much..(remember the times when i cried and u were there?) ehehe..thank you so much!!

mc,nicholas: luv u guys a lot too!! eheh..wont forget mc..thanx n sorry 4 everything and same goes to dear nicholas..

cathy,abg faisal,duncan: well..the swad team..ehehe..despite tons of stress we carried, but we still manage to have fun rite?..there was a point of time when i thought that i dont want to carry on as being one of the council members..but the swad team makes me push those toughts away..i love u guys!!

chan,kokhol,nicky,ravin,feng,abg izar: thank you so much for being my friends..i learned a lot from u guys (both good and bad things eheh)..hope we still stay as friends even when we are no more a council..

shom,siva: just got closer to both of u in the mid 2nd trimester..find it easy to talk to shom..specially 'girls talk' rite shom? hihi..and siva..really like working with u as food ppl during oc binding camp..hehe (even if u say i'm pemalas..i still like working wif u)

lala,pojie: knew each other even before becoming an src...shared lots of things together ya? thank you sooooooo much..muahs muahs!!

ramatu: even though we had several communication breakdowns thingy..ehehe..but i still learnt a lot and respect u soo much!! i still have a lot more to learn..specially from u..

faris: had crisis and all..but thanx a lot for being my friend..

huhu..thats about all of the council members..whatever ppl says bout us..i dont care..we know what we did..and we're just happily waiting for the next council to form and to do better than what we did..

the best part is..we manage to be a family..each one of know that each and everyone of us is there no matter what..i love u guys..and hope we'll stay be friends until forever..

cayang budak2 src 2003/2004!! muahs!! hihi

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