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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Park n Ride 2

Follow up utk previous entry :

Dear Staff,
In pursuant to my earlier email on this topic, I have attended a second briefing session and have brought back some answers for you. The Park N Ride trial exercise has started, and MDec is encouraging more people to try this out this coming 2 more weeks. The summons will come in August, and there will be no more warnings after this email. Do not attempt to park illegally unless you are prepared to be summoned.
Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Will there be any fees incured for the public car park and the shuttle services?
Answer: At the moment, it is Free Parking. The shuttle services is also free of charge. MDec cannot guarantee that this shall remain free forever, but they have no indicative plans at the moment to incur any parking costs.

2. When will this be effective?
Answer: It has already started since last week, and the trial is now extended to another 2 weeks, before the police commence summoning. Lookout for RapidKL like shuttle buses that move abt in Cyberjaya in the mornings.

3. How late does the bus service the people here?Where are the pick / drop off points?
Answer: The service starts as early as 7am - 9pm. Pls see the attachment the compete deck of communication on this from Mdec for your answers. In this deck, it contains route maps too and the bus stops are denoted in triangle shape in the map.

You are encouraged to take Route 2, as it takes the shortest time to get to the office in the morning, and the parking space is at Century Square (near Shell side)

wah complicatednye..baik la aku bgn awal sikit dan sampai opis awal sket..

terbace blog aran (encik senior smkaks)..oh rupenye haritu ade mesyuarat penubuhan Alumni dan projek2 yg lain2..wuhuh..

x sangke gitu..
keep it up lah..idup smkaks :D heheh (poyo betul aku ni..padehal dulu punye x suke skolah tu)

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