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Monday, July 30, 2007


Today 1 of my colleague goes on holiday for a week to hkhkg (hong kong).
Amazed me on why my team leader decides to approve her leave when she has datelines coming this week..and she has not done anything yet.

Previously I didnt care much coz the backup for her is another colleague, which means her backup is not me, so I dont care..fine lah.
Then today..the backup girl decides to go on mc which leaves me, alister and my team leader (btw we are 5 ppl in a team).

And it so happens that my team leader today, decides to let me the backup of the
Told her that my datelines are this week as well plus 1 renewal which means my workload is already my mngr decides to add a little more burden to our shoulders by passing on another teams' work to our side. Her reason was? 'To ease matter"..bluergh

My teamleader's response?
Its ok, if u cant finish urs I'm here to help u with your clients..heck! why cant she just take over the other colleagues job??

At the same time, she's just ask 1 of the xp ppl to train me on how 2do the other colleagues job today..oh damn..

Oh and here its as if I'm too free to blog..heck no..i just have to get this out of my system u see? If not I'll inherit Hulk's green face later..

Thats all for now,
Thank you for being there blog dearie.

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