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Monday, July 16, 2007

Sampai Awal

Harini sampai awal kat opis.
Kije start kul 9, tapi 820 tadi dah sampai.

Puncanye? mari kite baca emel dari HR

Park & Ride

Dear Staff,

MDeC has come up with a Park N Ride campaign. This is to resolve the issues of illegal car parking that is cluttering the roads in Cyberjaya. They have identified 2 designated public parking bays, ie. next to the sports arena (century square) and Lake Club (cyberpark). There will then be shuttle buses to transport you from the carparks to your offices, during peak hours, every 10 minutes for those who park in century square, and 20 minutes for those in cyberpark.

This will commence next week (and will be monitored within the next 2 weeks for feasibility study), and if everything is in order, the police will start to issue summons to the cars parked illegally.

At this point in time, the above is all the information that I have been given. If you have any concerns / queries, pls feel free to drop me a note and I see what I can do to get you the answers. MDec has yet served a formal notificationm which they target to do so by end of this week.


setakat ni takde lagi formal notifications or whatever dan banyak lagi bende yg kitorang tatau. Contoh:

1. Katne open parking tu? Cyberpark? Century Square? Takde map ke?
2. Kene bayar x parking tu?
3. Shuttle tu ade jugak tak time lunch?
4. Pukul berape shuttle tu abis beroperasi?
5. Kene bayar x shuttle tu?
6. Selamat ke park kat situ? (Kerete & manusia) Kalau rase mcm tak selamat kenape
takleh park depan opis yg jalan nye amat besar ni?
7. Kerajaan pentingkan kecantikkan lebih drpd keselamatan ke? (Patutla sume org bersusah payah nak diet..haha takde kene mengena ok?)

Jadi oleh kerana soalan2 tu belum terjawab dan sudah amat maklum dgn kerenah pihak polis yg amat suke menyaman..aku amik langkah berjage2 utk datang awal dan rebut seciput legal parking space berdekatan ngan opis aku ni ha..bukak tingkap dah leh nampak cik kelisa..cak!

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