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Sunday, November 04, 2007


Noticed when u hang out with some people u sometimes felt very small, kinda stupid and not worth a penny?
Specially when they talk about the world, which u felt like u were supposed to know but shamefully u didn't?
And then u had to keep quiet, let yourself be the listener and try to put aside the 'depressed' feelings?

Well, yeah u do..coz u're scared if u said sumthing..and it happens to be kinda 'stupid' they'd smirk..and hid their amusements of u.

And i'm thinking..
is it only myself who sumtime felt this way?

Let me tell u, the feeling is sad and stupid. U should'nt be feeling this way at all..or should u?
Is it easy to put these feelings aside? yeah..i guess I have to..

Please ignore this entry..i'm emotional and i hate cabbage soup.

picture taken from i-dont-know-where

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