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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Terime kaseh kepade sme yg dah confirm nak datang..mekaseh bebanyak..Ape2 email me or leave ur comment at this blog k? goes the answer to questions which were asked numerous times by numerous friends :P


16 December 2007 (we first dated 15 December 2003 heh)

7.50pm - 10pm

Perbadanan Putrajaya - Beside Maybank, Facing Palace of Justice, On the way to PICC

Parking : Road is big, hardly any cars.. can park by the road side ;)

Theme Colour : Family will be wearing maroon

Food : ServedSeating: Free


Akad nikah (family):

15 December 2007

My house:

No 78 Presint 8E/162250 Putrajaya


Theme colour : Free

Perlis (bertandang):

22 December 2007

Yeh's house.Theme colour : Cream

pukul berape ek? 1230?

Insyaallah everything will be as planned..Amin :)

P/s Fy, you're always welcome to read my blog..sangat terharu reading ur email earlier today.I'll always always always cherish our friendship :D

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nad said...

kalau esok shoutbox tu still bengong, aku tukar je yg baru..huh