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Thursday, November 08, 2007

WFL 5902

Till this date, my car got hit 3 times (which are all by men drivers)..and this morning nearly got hit by another men driving WFL 5092.

Once at a stress management session in the previous company (everyone has to join), a colleague brought up an issue of men and women drivers. So I told the class of being hit 3 times by men drivers, which I stress, not all men drivers are good drivers..and they too are imperfect creatures like us women so back to back we're all the same when it comes to driving. It depends on the individual.

But u know what the speaker said?? She's a lady mind you..
She said ' Well, maybe u were the one driving terhegeh2' ..sarcastically..

1st incident:
The traffic light is red and still red.
Suddenly felt a bump.
I knew someone kisses my car's ass, looked at the trafic light, and its still red.

So which part of that is terhegeh2??

2nd incident:
I was on the left lane, indicating i'm turning left after the traffic light.
A van next to me was in the right lane, which means he shouldn't turn left.
As the traffic light goes green I turned my wheel left, while the van next to me also happily turned left and rammed into my lane, into my car.

And..which part is the terhegeh2 part??

3rd incident:
Also the traffic light, same incident as incident number 1.

So does any of these incident prove that women are just 'terhegeh2' drivers??
Well generally some are, I do too when I dont know the way around the particular town.
But so are everyone, so are men for goodness sake!

And this morning,
An incident nearly happen close to incident number2, so before he rammed my car, I honked.

He, put up his hand and gave me the sign(the not so very nice one la of course).
I ignored. I drove happily towards my house.
He followed me closely, really closely.

So what does it mean? U felt threatened by a lady's honking yeah?
heh..U're so damn insecure Mr driver.

At the junction turning to my house I stopped, quite a while, just letting him reach his destination a bit later than he intended.

Then I turned right gave a signal and cornered into my house.
The takde kerja driver also stopped behind my car.

I got out of my car, and he drove away.

Isnt that just silly and insecure??


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