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Sunday, December 02, 2007


I've started to get the berdebar-to-get-married feel..which actually tim and mun have forced me to feel this about a week ago..heh guess the reaction to be married is kinda slow for some ppl

Is it normal..or is it just me?

Till this evening I wasnt feeling anything..
I've tried looking at the calendars, counting days ..and i know that i have only about 2 weeks being single, but nope! no feelings at all
Its like, I'm getting and thats' it

After my Asar prayers, it suddenly hit me

I'm getting about 2 weeks time, which means I have only 1 more weekend playing lazy..I suddenly feel the NEED to do facial,spa,ice bath,massage,manicure&pedicure,henna drawings up my hands, feet & legs,tidy up the house..or more like clean the whole house, get new curtains,get ready to pack things for langkawi,perlis and egypt..
then suddenly, oops ... there are summore things i need to buy for winter in egypt..
then stop, paused to i have enuff money??
stop thinking of money, u'll only be getting married once..spoil urself please!!
then the panick attack i have enuff time??

pray for us..
InsyaAllah I'll be a good wife to Muhamad Elyas Harun, and know that he'll be good husband too..

urgh..the panick attack wouldnt go away..
drift drift

sorry friends if i'll be blurry or out to space or not focusing in any conversation..
or suddenly be a bit too emotional untill it starts to bleed annoyance..

pray for my EQ to be a genius now


sab said...

tahniah2.. semoga berkekalan

Nadia Dzai said...

Tahniah Kak Nad :)